Yoga for Healthy Eyes and Fingers

  • By Shalini Asha Bhaloo
  • June 18 2019
  • @Shalini_A_B
  • In the modern world, excessive use of smart phones and computers can cause strain to the eyes and fingers. A regular classical hatha yoga and Indian classical dance practice eliminates these problems.

If you are not a full-fledged yogi or dancer, here we look at some simple yoga exercises to help relax and strengthen the eyes, wrists and fingers.

1.  Eye Exercises Vertical, Sideways and Rotation - So now you want to stretch your eye muscles. Move your eyes slowly from up inhaling and down exhaling, side inhaling to side exhaling and then all the way around in a circle breathing normally. If you find that difficult, then use your finger and move it in a circle, and let your eyes follow. Keep the neck still and repeat each exercise 3 - 10 times.


2.  Palming Rub your palms together till they feel warm. Then place them over your eyes without touching them and hold the position till your palm feels warm two minutes to one hour. Resting elbows on desk while palming. If you are lying down rest your elbows on a pillow placed on your chest. Relax and breathe and see black colour.


3.  Sarvangasana means ‘all parts’ - It strengthens the entire body. The posture stimulates the thyroid gland regulating metabolism, protein synthesis, heart rate, blood pressure and calcium levels. The blood is purified and circulation improved, and the posture aids in the prevention of kidney disease, bone disease and muscle weakness. Varicose veins and constipation are relieved and mental sluggishness, depression and insomnia removed.


Lie down on a mat and lift your legs and hips in the air so that your legs angle back then raise them up, supporting your spine straight with your hands. Toes are lined up with your nose looking up. This exercise increases blood circulation to the eyes, brain, ears and nose, thereby improves their functioning.


4.  Pran Mudra – See pic below for how to do. It helps in improving weak eyesight and motionless of the eyes.

Pran Mudra

5.  Gyan Mudra (meditation mudra) – Index finger and thumb touching. Then touch middle finger to thumb, ring finger to thumb and little finger with thumb in sequence and reverse back to Gyan mudra.

Gyan Mudra

6.  Kakasana - Crow pose strengthens and stretches the muscles of the arms, wrists, forearms and shoulders, increases breathing capacity and courage. It increases the power of concentration and promotes mental and physical balance. The posture brings a feeling of lightness to body and mind.


7.For fingers – I have found this to be very useful. Narendrabhai Modiji does this stretch above head with Tadasana.  


 8.Tratak – Even though I do not practice Tratak it involves staring at an external object and concentrating on a single point preferably a candle flame. It develops concentration and strengthens the eyes.


9.Also, a few hasta mudras from the Natya Shastra are beneficial for the fingers. I use them after computer work or playing the bansuri and all the pain or stiffness disappears! Being a dancer helps, but anyone can do these mudras shown below.  

Asamyuta Hastas


Or see Asamyuta Hastas diagram below in PDF format click here.


Please enjoy your life with healthy eyes, wrists and fingers! Om Shanti.


Author was born in India and lives in Ontario, Canada. She is an Artist, Writer, Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher, Classical Indian Musician & Dancer, Sanskrit Scholar, Reiki Master, Nature Lover, and retired Engineer.


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