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Cancer is on the rise.  Among your own  family, friends and acquaintances there must be several people who are losing the battle with this horrendous disease, while their loved ones look on helplessly, thinking,’ ‘wish there was something I could do. Anything no matter how small or insignificant: Any chance no matter how remote I would gladly do it’.

There are several other killers, that most of the adult population in this world is battling with for e.g. diabetes, Blood Pressure and heart disease, ulcers, flu and several other diseases that have suddenly sprung up and found a firm foothold in our bodies because our immune system has been destructed.

We are living in an atmospheric and organic garbage dump in our times and there is little that we can really do about it. Industrialisation across the globe has polluted the air, water and earth. The food we eat is contaminated and science has provided a further impetus to artificial and unnatural, through research in genetically modified substances, which are now being used on farm animals and food grains.

Our drinking water is equally contaminated.  By merely being colorless and clear does not mean it is healthy to drink. The various purification processes that it passes through leaves the water stressed and its molecular structure distorts. Chemicals like chlorine in our drinking water are potential killers yet they continue to be used.

Consequently, our bodies, genetically coded over millions of years ago towards certain conditions of good health, perceive a changed environment. Cell structures are beginning to modify themselves thus leading to ever higher incidence of diseases like cancer and other immune deficiencies.  Further constant use of gadgets like the mobiles, microwave ovens, televisions and computers expose us to electro static radiation constantly.  This has been proven to be the cause of cancer predominantly and also of a host of other diseases, but………..

Woven into the fabric of life, nature has provided every requirement for survival and sustenance for all living creatures from an ant to a human being. Solutions to cure ill health and maintenance of good health have both been placed in equal measure within our ambit, as universal energies, elements, metals, chemicals, herbs, plants, fruits vegetables and flowers that science is now discovering, have their own invaluable properties.  Imbibing these natural substances, imparts energy and health to living things.   Sunlight gives Vitamin D, vital for human health while it is indispensable for plants to live on, similarly food is metabolised via chemicals in our bodies and releases energy for the body to move and function.

There are an array of energies that we depend on at every moment in our lives: Electrical, magnetic, thermal, nuclear, ultra violet, infra red and so on.  Energy simply exists and is neither good nor bad. It is only how one employs it and the amplitude employed that determines the function:  Electricity that powers our bulbs and dispels the dark, can also electrocute…..

So, we come to the basics – everything in the universe is energy. All life is energy.  Every living creature is born with the Life Force or Bio-force energy and so it is able to live and exist. Optimise the bio energy levels in your body and maximize your health.  Recognising its value and importance for health and healing, ancient peoples of the east devised methods of raising and employing this energy. Those systems exist to date as Pranic healing, Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga and several others, all of which aim to enhance and channel the life force through the body for optimum health and longevity.

Very recently discovered is yet another form of energy. One that has dramatically altered the modern concept of health and healing; it is Scalar energy.  Scalar energy differs in its very form from other energies as it does not follow the normal wave pattern of manifestation. Scalar energy has paired or replicant waves, termed wave and anti-wave that are identical spatially, but out of phase temporally.

Simply said, Scalar waves are different in many ways. They do not shoot out in beams like laser or light rays but expand to fill their environment and this is its most important characteristic. This property of scalar energy is used in the embedding technology employed for energizing nutritional products and water and consequently the body to which the charge is transferred at cellular level. Further, it is capable of passing though solids without loss of intensity and the energy charge is regenerative.

As lifestyles are changing and living patterns are moving out of sync with natural cycles, every single person is experiencing more and more stress.  So much so, that even children are beginning to show signs of abnormal stress resulting in fits of rage, suicides, killings and brutality.  Illnesses are on the rise as immunity is gradually diminishing.  Today, in the west every person is fighting a loosing battle with allergies.   To combat the new age maladies new age products keep springing up.

Bio Disc

Foremost in the terms of technology and production is the Bio Disc. It is a revolutionary device, generating a natural and beneficial energy with no side effects whatsoever.  Technically engineered natural minerals are structurally bonded in glass, using several high heat fusion methods. This combination of techniques causes a catalytic energy conversion creating long lasting, natural Scalar resonance in the Bio disc allowing the food and water exposed to it to immediately absorb and embed the scalar charge.  Consumable items thus treated and liquids so charged become more hydrating, better tasting and longer lasting.

Using this device is simple and uncomplicated. Its benefits are amazing and far more than one can enumerate.  Energizing water is as simple as pouring a glass of water across the disc into another one, thus charging it instantly or leaving a glass of water on the disc for approximately twenty minutes. No hassle and no fuss.

Constant and consistent use of energized water has proved to be rejuvenating and energizing. It also slows down the aging effects on the body.  Improvement in skin texture is easily noticeable and one feels light, energetic and peppy.  Since it acts at cellular level, its healing benefits encompass the entire gamut of health but in particular, bio energized water has a calming effect on hyper-tensives leading to normalization of blood pressure. It increases mental cognition and enhances memory, clears uric acid from the body and detoxifies it, oxygenation of the blood increases and it relieves pain and strengthens the immune system.  The Bio disc initiates healing when white light is passed through the disc on the body.  An LED torch of sunlight produces immediate effects particularly in painful areas.  It is light and portable and so can be carried along at all times for use where ever one goes.

   Bio energized water remains so for years, not just hours.

Unless in dire and immediate need, the world over people are shunning the use of chemically engineered medication that solves one malady but leaves the user with another.  Alternative medicine and the use of natural substances are definitely gaining in popularity. Research is looking at systems that seek to affect a cure at the root of the problem rather than treat the symptoms.  Products utilizing natural energies are also being researched in great numbers, but what gives the Bio disc an edge over all others is that it’s positive energy field effects the entire body, nursing it back to health and a peak wellness condition.

Finally, it seems that the ancient search for the elixir of life is over. We have the secret.  All of us can own a bio disc and make for ourselves and our families bio water – the elixir of Life.

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