Yoga for Personality Development and Communication Skills

  • Yog is about clearing the mind and not only about Asana.

Communication should be first internal, thereafter it automatically reflects outside. Yoga is an outstanding tool for personality development and communication skills. Most of the difficulties we face today are due to incorrect communication and confusion about self as well as others.


Yoga has the ability to correct this transform difficulties into opportunities. It can also alter constructive viewpoints in individuals. One can develop good cognition, turn difficulties into stepping stones and progress positively in life to achieve higher goals.


Yoga has a well-ordered methodology of self-realization which cannot be bound to time. It is a 24/7 effort towards self-perfection. If we want to improve our personality and move towards harmonious perfection, we need to learn to become an “Observer” just like a doctor who has to be observer first before entering into clinical practice & dealing patients.


Similarly one has to be an observer of life, both within and around us. Yoga is nothing but unveiling inner potential by consistent observational practices. Sage Patanjali laid down eight methods of yogic practices in the form of “Ashtang Yoga”. Even he says that, “Tada drashtu swarupe awasthanam”. (PYS 1:3). It means ‘The practice of Ashtanga yoga results in one becoming an observer’.


In Ashtang yoga, we must utilize our body and breath to communicate skilfully within the mind. Yogic scriptures describes yoga beautifully, which can be connected with self-developments and communication.


Patanjali-“Yoga chittavritti Nirodha” (Chitta includes Man, Buddhi & Ahamkar)


Bhagwad Geeta - “Samatava Yoga Uchyate”, (Balance in thoughts words & actions is the Yoga) and “Yoga Karmasu Kaushalyam” (Skillful Actions is the Yoga). Swami Satyanand says, “Yoga Integration of head, heart & hand”. 


Yoga works at the roots of personality, purifying thoughts words & actions. There are many paths namely Hatha yoga, Bhakti yoga , Gyana yoga & Raja yoga (Ashtang yoga - Yama, Niyama, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyan & Samadhi), leading to one goal that is Self-realization. Therefore, you can select whatever you would like to follow.


Before choosing a path one should reflect on our self-personality. There is a story of coffee beans through which we can try for this reflection. Try this experiment at home & ask yourself this question - Are you a carrot, egg or coffee beans? 


Take all those carrots, eggs or coffee beans in three different pots & put similar quantity of water into it. Then heat all three pots for 20 minutes. After 20 min check the changes which take place in carrot, egg & coffee beans and then relate it with your self-personality.


Carrots were hard initially but passing through boiling water make it softer. This indicates people who are tough initially but become weak while facing difficulties. 

Eggs are fluid within since they are covered by a white colour shell. When passed through boiling water external cover becomes tougher & internal fluid transforms into solid particles. This indicates people who seem tough from outside are warm-hearted and soft from within. They however, become tough when faced with difficulties.


Coffee beans are small particles. While boiling the water they get completely merged into it by leaving aroma fragrance. This influences many people around them. So also some people may not have been acknowledged by their outer look instead their work arracts masses towards them.


Accordingly understand your personality & then take the path to transform it positively. Yoga literally means merging your energy with the universal energy like coffee beans. Beans get merged & change their form include colour of water. However, they attract people due to their influential enjoyable fragrance. 


Human personality should be like coffee beans where we can transform our own life to impact others positively & transform their lives too.  


Yoga has a primary role in channelizing the energy in the right direction & shaping up human personality holistically. It not only gives body strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility & immunity but also removes negative thoughts in the mind. It nurtures both body & mind to meet their soul.


Another way TO WHAT is to study the lives of people around us for e.g. family members or colleagues. Within this group look for people who have transformed their lives in term of physical mental, emotional & spiritual health. When we see positive transformation in others our faith in the power of change gets reinforced.


Indian scriptures have true wisdom. By following the path of Gyan Yoga one can realize potential at an early stage in life like Sant Gyneshwar. Spend time daily in reading scriptures.


It is important to add value to our present knowledge.


Most scriptures help us to acknowledge the truth of human existence & facts of life. GOD reflects truth of life means Generating, Organising & Degenerating. This reality transforms a person into a spiritual being.


Yoga does not mean only asana. It is a complete bundle of wisdom dealing three pillars of life i.e. food, sleep & behaviour. When these pillars are in balance our personality gets transformed.


As truly quoted by Swami Vivekananda, “Each individual has divine potential to develop” & “All power is within you; you can do anything and everything.” 


Finally, “Adapt yoga to explore divine potential within to transform personality & skills”.


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