Transforming Lives through Positive Energy Management

How does one manage our life to consistently have high levels of energy and be at peace within? 

The answer lies in Positive Energy Management. 

If we become AWARE of our body energy and learn to manage it, it has the potential to transform our lives. We call it the eSamskriti way of transformation because the method that we suggest is rooted in Indic tradition whilst being adjusted for contemporary living. 

The eSamskriti way has 3 components. 

1. Ten Fundamentals include explore the unknown and act to create long-term benefit.  

2. Six Key elements include concentration and being pro-active. 

3. Illustrations include the Divine in me is the Divine in others and overcoming obstacles to leave an impact.  

These concepts are explained in a story format with pictures. Stories are taken from real life experiences, observations and information available in public domain. 

Format is interactive. We want participants to share their own stories as well. Program duration about 3 hours.

Benefits of program include increasing power of intuition, having a positive approach and being full of energy. 

This training program is for who are open to change and believe there is always a better way of doing things.

If this training program is of interest kindly mail Sanjeev at

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