Transforming Lives through Positive Energy Management


Prana is breath. When there is Prana there is life.

Life is all about Energy. To ‘Transform our Lives’ we need to first become aware of the concept of energy, how we consume it and importantly ways to boost Positive Energy. When we speak, read, think we consume energy. 

If we learn to balance body energy we shall be healthier, happier and infinite possibilities open up. This conversation is presented in an innovative story telling format.

eSamskriti is a digital platform to know about and understand India in the realms of culture, spirituality and travel.    

Workshop Objectives

  • Transforming your Life through Positive Energy Management.
  • Making you aware of the concept of Prana and ways to enhance it.
  • Better control over your thoughts.  
  • Enhancing productivity, power of intuition and creativity.
  • Effect behavioural change for e.g. pro-active, curious and compassion.
  • Living life in balance.

Workshop Content

  • Deeper Purpose to Life.
  • Fundamentals of the eSamskriti way for e.g. Act to create long-term benefit and Dharma vs Rights.
  • Key Elements of the eSamskriti for e.g. Ekagrata (concentration) and Yuktakriya (proactive).
  • Illustrations of the eSamskriti for e.g. how to deal with Criticism and convert negative into positive energy.


Slides, pictures and videos. Participants would also be shown how to do therapies. The approach is: 

  • Spiritual.
  • Controlling mind.
  • Healthy Living.
  • Practical.
  • Interactive.

Program Duration is about three hours.

Benefits from the Training

  • Become more aware.
  • Increases productivity and intuition.
  • Ideas Flow.
  • Work life balance.
  • Motivational.
  • Have a positive and helpful attitude.


Who should attend?

All levels of management including management trainees. We could do one to one sessions as well.  

This training program is for who are open to change and believe there is always a better way of doing things.

If this training program is of interest kindly mail Sanjeev Nayyar at

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