Dr Raghu Vira - India's Cultural Ambassador

“Late Prof. Dr. Raghu Vira dedicated the whole of his life to his mission- to revive the flown away glorious centuries of India with greater strength, fresher glory and patriotic zeal in politics. He was an unforeseen multi-faceted personality, a fountainhead of learning and culture, an ardent lover of work, a zealous scholar of Indology and a radiant flame. His scholarship was brilliant in vision and execution which was seen as a means for national regeneration by integrating classical Indian heritage traditions, languages, history, spirituality, arts and literature into the national life. He explored fresh avenues for research on the history of India as cultural leader of the world and presented unforeseen schemes for Indian studies at international levels inclusive of their needs and future.”

Editor: This article has following sub-sections namely Passion for Sanskrit Literature, Vision for Sanskrit, Researches on Sanskrit with European Scholars, Travels to S.E.Asia, Expedition to Mongolia, Journey to China, Admiration for Japan, Publication of Deteriorating Sanskrit Manuscripts and Texts from Outside India, Foreign Scholars with Prof Raghu Vira and Hindi the National Language of India.

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