Sardar Patel -Could India have saved Tibet

Editor – Sardar Patel is one of my heroes, in some ways one of my idols. What I learnt from him is that one should not clamor for titles because actions speak louder than words. His actions made villagers give him the title ‘Sardar’ and then the title ‘Iron Man of India’.

For example, with intent to flatter us some compare India with China. Any person with average intelligence will know that India is way behind China in economic and military capabilities not to speak of others. Yet some Westerners would like to see these countries as equals and pump the Indian ego with words like global power, power of the 21st century. A confident nation should keep doing its Dharma, focus on growth, improving the lives of its citizens and build formidable military power NOT WORRY about what others say about you. When you have arrived the WORLD will sit up and take notice. Those who are aware shall know when India has arrived. The idea of doing your Dharma without seeking title or appreciation is what I have learnt from Sardar Patel. So also when you have achieved something substantial the world will sit up and take notice, no need to brag about yourself.

We present excerpts from the book authored by Prof Balraj Krishna. You can read book introduction, some of Sardar Patel’s major achievements, could india have saved tibet? Patel’s Historic Letter to Nehru dated 7th November 1950 and Prime Minister Nehru’s Note on China and Tibet dated 18 November 1950. [The note was obviously forwarded to Sardar Patel as it answered indirectly some of the matters raised in Sardar’s letter of 7 November 1950.]

The attached PDF file has book.

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