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  • Mindfulness is the best way to Reduce Stress and Increase Consciousness

Mindfulness is the best way to Reduce Stress and Increase Consciousness

  • Article gives you eight ways to practice mindfulness at home and why do we need our minds to be in a state of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a technique that has been known to human civilization for many ages.


Human beings are the only creature which has mind and consciousness. We have a unique power to lead a life as we want by a powerful mind.


However, we cannot do so because our mind is not in a focused state of mind. It wanders from one thought to another, and random ideas are coming from every direction. This makes our brain puzzle out, and we suffer from brain stress or anxiety. People who are stressed often get themselves checked by psychiatrists. Even after spending a huge amount of money, we cannot find the real cause of depression.


In case you are searching about getting peace and want to increase your consciousness or wish to reduce the stress, you have reached the proper place right now.


Practice mindfulness techniques and explained at Kasamba and eliminate all stress in your mind. This technique is good for increasing memory, increasing the production of good hormones that keep our body fit and fine.


Let us see how we can practice mindfulness at home.


1. Being in the present

People suffer from depression or anxiety mostly because our mind is stuck in experiences or worry about future events. We keep on thinking about the past or future so much that we forget to live the happy moments at present.


That is why it becomes considerable for our minds to be in the present state and not be in a mindfulness state in the past or future.


2. Focus on the breath

Human beings breathe through their nose, and they take in oxygen, which is a vital gas for every creature on earth. The more we take oxygen, the more food oxidation takes place, which produces energy for other essential functions.


When we start to focus on our breath, we cut down all the other distractions of the mind, and our mind is in a state of one direction only.


3. Cloud gazing

When thick white clouds are in the sky, it is beautiful. The vastness of the sky can instantly cut down all the distractions of our mind, and we can focus on the elements found in the sky. We could watch high flying birds and track their movement in the atmosphere, or watch the stars at night.


Gazing of clouds can bring your mind to a peaceful state, and a person might have heavy eyes for sleep. This method is beneficial, especially when you are suffering from anxiety or fear.


4. Walk barefoot on grass early morning

Precipitation occurs on the grass early morning, which provides a cool sensation on our barefoot when you go for a morning walk without slippers.


This can awaken our senses, especially eyes, which might be heavy since we have opened eyes early. There is no pollution in the air during the morning time, and since there are no vehicles on the road, we can have a peaceful state of mind.


5. Plant a flowering or fruit plant

When you look at the plant's growth minutely, then you realize the importance of nature and its power. The plant is also a living thing; they grow, nurture, and mature like human beings. They bear fruits, flowers, and leaves. This method can increase our understanding of nature and help us increase the consciousness of life.


6. Cook food for yourself

When you cook food for yourself, you treat yourself uniquely. The reason is that you put your best efforts in cooking food and ensure that it is nutritious as well as delicious at the same time.


Cooking is an art that can be developed quickly. All we need is to watch some videos of cooking and follow the instructions.


7. Guided meditation

Meditation is a technique that is taught by a yoga instructor. If you have Yoga classes nearby, you can join their class and practice meditation daily.


In case you do not have Yoga classes in your locality, you can practice mediation at home itself. For this, you can tune into a radio channel that teaches yoga and plays music in the background. It is a soul-soothing experience when you practice yoga yourself with guided instructions.


8. Take your dog for a walk

Pet animals are excellent companions when you are alone at home. You can take them for a walk and watch their happiness. Sometimes when you are stressed up and start looking happiness around you, the stress vanishes, and you create an environment that has positivity around you.


Why do we need our minds to be in a state of mindfulness?


Reduce the random thought process

Thought process is the basis of every human activity. If we start focusing on the thought process from an unexpected direction, it becomes impossible to focus on a single thought. We need to understand how to focus on a single thought and eliminate the one that is not so useful. In this way, we can have better decision making inside our brain.


Better mood

People who are in a good mood can do things quickly. On the other hand, unhappy and unsatisfied people will delay their work unnecessary and have reduced productivity. A better mood can easily be attained by mindfulness, and by practising this, we can lead a happy life.


Improve concentration

If you are a student, you might want to increase your study concentration. You can improve the concentration using the mindfulness technique. Better concentration means better performance in the examination and better results.


Decrease worry

Sometimes, we are worried about our future. In such a situation, we need to cut down the random thoughts that may worry us more. In this way, we can reduce the stress of mind and be happy to accomplish every task.


Increases our value in life

The sense of feeling good for ourselves is the best way to increase ourselves. When we think that we are of no use in the universe, we attempt to suicide. Hence we should make sure that we do not have any negative thoughts and always do something that makes us feel special, powerful, and intellectual.

Mindfulness is a technique in which we train our minds to be in the present state and not wander in the past or future.


With this technique, we can focus our mind on a single thought, increasing our concentration and helping us accomplish our task precisely as we want it.


We live in a stressful life in modern times. We need some time to relax and stay our mind in a peaceful state. Mobile devices and other electronic devices can distract our minds and decrease our focus ability. Hence, to ensure that we have good concentration and memory power, we must practice Mindfulness techniques.


To reduce our stress, we can also use stress buster balls that are soft to the press. We can also reduce stress by laughter therapy or watching photographs of newly born kids. Watching beautiful nature can make our mind conscious of about surroundings. We live in the current time and not in the past or future. It is recommended that we must seek help from a Yoga instructor if we want to get guided in meditation. This can help us reach the ultimate realization of the consciousness of mind.


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