9 Top Notch Bengali Wedding Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

  • By Sarmistha C
  • June 7 2019
Mesmerizing smile of the Oti Shundori Bengali bride

Bengali weddings are simple and sophisticated. With the passage of time Bengali weddings have become exuberant and luxurious. The credits for paradigm shift of Bengali weddings from being simple to being full of pomp and splendor goes to inspiration drawn from other Indian weddings. The millennial Bengalis now have a better vision for the marriages and the vows.


Speaking of paradigm shifts every year the wedding industry brings about the latest trends that are the key driving force behind the revolutionary concept of Indian weddings. From clothing to makeup the wedding trends have impacted and influenced different wedding categories. Irrespective of whether you’re a Punjabi, Bengali or Marathi, no weddings in India are left untouched by the wedding trends.


So are you a proud bong impending biye? Looking forward to inculcate the latest Bengali wedding trends in your wedding? Puzzled about which trends would complement your wedding theme? Why worry when we have got your back! Here we have enlisted for you the top notch Bengali wedding trends that we have garnered from across the nooks of the internet. Here have a look!


1 Mehendi

Gone are the days when Bengali weddings lacked the culture of applying mehendi. Instead of the mehendi Bengalis preferred to apply Alta on the hands and feet of the Oti Shundori bride owning to the auspiciousness of the red tint of Alta. With changing times Bengali brides are seen drooling over the variegated mehendi designs. The enchanting charm of the red hue of mehendi has engulfed Bengali girls making them to want it as part of their wedding ritual.


Initially the mehendi ceremony was considered as an occasion of masti and dhamaal for non-bengalis now the ceremony has become a staple in the Bengali wedding itinerary. Just like the northern weddings modern Bengali weddings have also made mehendi ceremony a must have. So if you’re getting married in the city of joy consider booking for mehendi artist in Kolkata to up the game of your wedding.


2. Wedding Invitations

The days of a simple and sober Bengali wedding invitation have passed. As minimalism is a hyping trend of the year, Bengali weddings have warmly embraced the trend and made it a part of their wedding invites. Right from having minimalist invites to customized ones with traditional motifs, Bengalis do not lag when it comes to following a trend.


3. Wedding Venue

Home wedding! That is a concept of the past. The modern Bengali trend is about tying the knot in a mystical location, a dreamy venue adorned with beautiful décor. Floral décor have made a comeback as a venue decoration element. True that the timeless beauty and the sheer elegance of flowers never seems to fade away and that is the reason why they have made a comeback. Opting for fresh flowers décor is the best way of giving your weddings a modern yet traditional look.


4. Bridal Outfit

Gone are the days when a Bengali bride dressed in red wearing a red and golden banarasi sari. Times have changed. Bengali brides have ditched the red and replaced them with colors like fuchsia, magenta, pink, blood red, blue, orange and a lot more. Although Bengalis consider red an auspicious color, to maintain the tradition brides instead of a red outfit make it part of their other bridal ensemble like a red mehendi, red roses, gajra, jewellery embedded with red stones, and a bold red lip color.


5. Hairstyles

The plethora of available modern bridal hairstyles have outdone the tradition hair bun look. From French braid, beachy waves, chigon to ballerina bun, intricate floral up do and lots more, the hair styles are decorated with fresh floral arrangements give rise to an elegant and chic look. Bengali hairstyles are under stated due to their ritual of sindoor dan. To keep the tradition intact the wedding industry has come up with mid parting unique bun hairstyles.

Celebrating the union of two souls. 

6. Photo booths

In the modern era of selfies weddings are incomplete without a photo booth. Bengalis no longer shy away from the camera which is why selfie booths are a common sight at their birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Bengalis are creative people and their photo booths reveal their creativity. Right from floral arrangements selfie booths to having quirky wordings to funky frames, the Bengali photo booths are elaborate and look peppy.


7. Intimate Gatherings

Being sophisticated people Bengalis have always stayed aloof from those fish market gatherings that are way too noisy and chaotic. The hyping trend of having intimate wedding in the presence of your close kiths and kins is like a boon for the Bengalis. Intimate wedding affairs and private wedding dinners is a trend that the Bengalis have happily embraced.


8. Experiences over Gifts

Bengalis are well learned and travelled so they prefer experiencing things rather than blindly believing them. The rising trend of gifting the newlyweds with adventure packages instead of giving them cash of gifts is an out of the box idea and Bengalis have loved this trend. So if your any bong friend is getting married then instead of gifting them money or any luxury items why not give them a ticket for two for backpacker adventure tours. Your friend would be delighted too.


9. Wedding Cinematography

Finally getting married to your prince charming. Why not film the journey of your love story! The charm of wedding cinematography has made it a rising trend.  So instead of the regular wedding photography why not opt for wedding cinematography. Why not have a film made on your love story. Bengali couples have loved the trend and readily accepted it with open arms.


Weddings are a joyful occasion which showcases the union of two souls in the bond of togetherness. So to all our Bengali brides and grooms have a Shubho Happy Biye!


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