Decor Ideas for your Fairy tale Wedding in Hyderabad

Who hasn’t dreamt of a fairy tale wedding, with frames straight out of a Disney movie? Getting to marry your Prince Charming at the most exquisite venue in Hyderabad is a dream come true for any bride and the ideal decor can help create the most remarkable of memories for your perfect day. From a rustic and vintage theme for an intimate ceremony to neon signs and bright hues for an all-out celebration, you should always opt to source the best wedding decorators in Hyderabad who can customize your wedding decor as per your personal style. With a variety of decor trends doing the rounds these days, you can create a mood board of every idea you wish to incorporate in your theme. Here are a few options to help you get started: 


A canopy of love and fairy lights 

Standing beneath a canopy full of twinkling lights with the love of your life will give you all the major feels you're looking for on your big day. Whether the canopy is installed on your mandap or over the stage for your varmala ceremony, it's the much needed touch required to brighten your magical night! 

Boho & Chic

If you love neutral and vintage hues, a boho theme is the way to go for you. You can pick out elegant centrepieces to add to the grace of your ceremony. Pampas grass is the most important add on for this rustic theme, which you can even incorporate to enhance your table settings. 

Flower power 

For adding a dreamy and romantic touch to your ceremony, flowers are a must. A flower altar will not only make the setup look otherworldly but will also make for the most instagram worthy pictures. Especially suited for a subtle pastel theme, you can even match the flowers to your coordinated wedding outfits. 


And everything was neon

Probably the one decor idea most in trend these days is LED signs and for the right reasons. These neon hues will add a spunk and groovy factor to any event, especially for cocktail nights. Bold colours and bolder one-liners will surely captivate your guests and will be one of the biggest hits of your remarkable night. 

Adorable teepee tents

Bright and colourful teepees make for the most wonderful setups for your intimate Haldi and Mehendi celebrations. Your friends and family are sure to enjoy the modern vibe blended with a traditional setup. You have the option to customise teepees of pastel and neutral colours to match the vibe of your boho-themed wedding as well. 

Picking the most ideal, fun and captivating hashtag for your wedding is an unmissable task these days. But just as important is to place the hashtag in your decor and turn it into a highlight. And we can guarantee that your guests won't forget to tag your pictures using the same hashtag! 


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