Case study of Varicose Veins & Yoga

Abstract: Varicose veins & its complications on physical health like leg pain, fatigue, low stamina, weakness & mental health like irritation can be completely cured by Yoga practices.


Introduction: 29 yrs old married female patient wished- to conceive for 2nd child. However, she could not conceive due to varicose veins & its high risk pregnancy complications. The allopath doctor had advised her surgery and asked her to avoid second pregnancy.


P/H/O-Post delivery Varicose veins since 2014


Last month abortion (MTP Tablets)


Case history & Patient description:

29 year old female patient working as computer operator at Balbhavan Charni road came with the following symptoms -

1. Severe Pain on left leg due to severe Varicosity of same side.

2. Low stamina, weakness, Hyperacidity, Gas trouble.

3. Low concentration, stress, irritation & anger.

4. Inadequate sleep (due to severe leg pain)


Personal History:

Mix & regular diet without any special restrictions.

Marital Status – married for five years.   

Menstruation - Regular five days.

Obstetric History – one child three yrs old.

Prolonged sitting work


Family HistoryAll well.

  •         Physical examination results

Height-158cm   Weight- 52.08kg      BP-120/80     HR -78/min

Lower body weight is comparatively heavy than upper body.


  •          Investigations

Colour Doppler of left lower limb venous system Dated– 3-4-2017.

Superficial vein-left sapheno femoral valve is incompetent with reflux valsalva’s.

Multiple incompetent perforator & varicose veins ++

In Left Thigh Region -4.9 cm proximal & 5.3 cm Distal.  


  •          Treatment plan

Belt on legs

Avoid cross leg belt

Leg raised & with support during sitting & sleeping time

Weight loss


Yoga Therapy advised was -


Inclined posture

Pavanamuktasana one leg raised













Drishti bhrumadhya

Pranayama- lomvilom,chandrabhedan,bhramari,sitkari

Om recitation


  •          Expected outcome of the treatment plan - to reduce Symptoms of varicosity & improved mental health problems.
  •          Actual outcome - After two months we found. 

Patient has followed prescribed yoga practice with lifestyle modification for two months. She provided the following information 29th June 2017.


1. Leg pain reduced & varicosity of vein vanished, 

2. Increased stamina,

3. Decreased weakness, Hyperacidity, Gas trouble,

4. Increased  concentration,

5. Reduced  stress, irritation & anger,

6. Improved sleep,

7. Happy with the physical & mental health satisfaction.


  •          Physical examination results

Height - 158cm   Weight - 53.10kg      BP - 120/80     HR - 80/min

Lower body weight is comparatively heavy than upper body.

  •          Investigations – Compared with previous reports results were positive and reflected effect of yogic practices.

Colour Doppler of left lower limb venous system Dated– 12-6-2017

Superficial vein-left sapheno femoral &saphenopopliteal junction are competent.

The great 7 short saphenous veins are patent & normal.

Deep Veins- All deep veins of left leg are normal with no e/o Deep vein thrombosis. The calf veins shows good filling & augmentation.

Perforators – No incompetent perforators seen.


Remark - The saphenofemoral & saphenopopliteal junction are competent.

No e/o- deep vein thrombosis seen.


Treatment further added -







Young female came depressed, fearful and anxious mental state. She was troubled by varicose veins problem & advised operation plus high risk pregnancy issue due to varicose vein. She wanted to reverse back varicose veins problem without surgery & get back to positive mental health.


This was quite challenging in this stage when allopath doctors already advised her for operation & not to take chance for second baby.


A varicose vein problem is one of vascular disorder in which there is poor circulation of blood. Lower limbs are mainly affected part due to natural & anatomical weight bearing structure. In this case varicose vein problem was detected post pregnancy. If you see patient she is not obese but her history says that she has more muscular mass & rigidity over lower limbs. During first pregnancy she added more weight on lower limbs due to which the wall of veins became weak. Left side shows side sign & symptoms seen on left leg due to her gait. She was suffering for three years. This affected her mental health & stamina. Allopath doctors have given last ultimatum of surgery & asked to avoid second pregnancy. Then patient tried to take invasive treatment of yoga & heal herself. 



Regular yogic practices with proper medical counselling and guidance helped patient regain physical and mental health. In this case patient experienced the satisfaction within 2 month of regular practice & her investigation reports supported the result. Radiologist acknowledged that the varicosity of affected veins had vanished completely.


Report & case study done by Dr.Nutan Pakhare

 (B.A.M.S, CCYE, PGDYS,Coun)


About Author: She is B.A.M.S & done Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Shastra. She is working with Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Mumbai as Medical Consultant, handling medical cases & manages various internal & external projects of Yoga since last 7 years. She is having experience of academic teaching & conducting workshop, talks on Health, Yoga & Ayurveda. Her keen interest exploring self within & serve to humanity through ancient science Yoga & Ayurved.


Editor: Please consult a Yoga teacher before acting on recommendations referred to above.

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