How Yoga can cure Diabetes

The number of people suffering from diabetes is on the rise. This short book tells you about the treatment of diabetes through Yogic approach. This could be complementary to the treatment being undertaken or be an alternative approach.  

The Yogic approach has three components.

First is the PRACTICAL DISCIPLINE that involves the practices of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.

The second component concerns with the regulation of Diet as well as the regulation of Daily Habits involving the pattern of sleep, recreational activities and working habits.

Third component concerns itself with changes in one’s attitudes, behaviour and life-style which would help in inducing the feeling of sharing, feeling of warmth in friendship as well as concern, love and respect for the whole beautiful world.

Note that consultation with the specialist who combines medical knowledge with the knowledge of Yoga is very much essential to chalk out the specific yogic programme for the

patients suffering from some significant organic disorders and dysfunctions.

The chapters are - Introduction of Diabetes, Treatment of Diabetes through Yogic Approach, General Approach, Shodhana Kriya, Movement and Asanas, Food - The Basic Eight Groups, Yogic Diet, Energy Expenditure per hour during different, Activities and Exercises, Nutritive Values of Common Preparations per Serving, Calorie Counter, Tips for Diabetes.

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