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Management of Diabetes through Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is one of popular metabolic disorder diagnosed through High sugar level more than fasting 100mm/dl & Post meal more than 180mg/dl in blood.

In Ayurveda, Diabetes is stated as “Madhumeh” which is one type of Vataj Prameh. It is also described as asthamahagada means it’s among one of the major diseases.

Causes - Improper sugar metabolism happens due to disturbed function of insulin/glucagon hormone.

Blood sugar level (Normal Range)

Fasting - 70 to 100mg/dl.             

Post Meal - less than 140 -180mg/dl.

HBA1c (Average blood sugar level of 3-4 months) – less than 6 %.


What are the reasons for diabetes?

1. Type 1 Diabetes - the body does not produce insulin due to hereditary/genetic factors.

2. Type 2 Diabetes - the pancreas (important organ in body) produce improper insulin which is unable to maintain sugar level in blood.  Irregular lifestyle habits - fast food diet, late night sleep, no time for any kind of exercise, desk office work, stressful work and personal life.

3. Gestational Diabetes - that is during pregnancy.

These diets are responsible for increase of Amadosha (Tridosh in abnormal state) in body due to which undigested form of vata, pita and kapha along with medodhatu go out from the urinary system. Due to which these tridoshas are unable to perform their functions and various diseases occur.

Diabetes Symptoms are -

Bahumutra (polyuria -  increase of urination

Trishna (polydipsia   -  increase in thirst)

Bhukta (polyphagia  -   increase in appetite)


Other associated symptoms are -

1. Urine infection increases.

2. Frequent onset of itching and skin infection.

3. Lethargy and lack of stamina.

4. General body ache and weakness.

5. Loss/gain in weight.

6. Slow wound healing process.

How to prevent diabetes?


1. Diva swap means sleeping in day time except in summer season.  

2. Lack of exercise and laziness.

3. Eating mixed food together like hot & cold food.

4. Wrong lifestyle habits.

Do’s are -

1. Brisk walk daily on grass if possible and bare feet.

2. Dinner by 7 pm.

3. Any kind of exercise/yoga as convenient & suitable but under expert advice.

Yoga therapy ie yoga practice daily 30 to 45min as stated below -

1. Vakrsana ie twisting at waist sitting /sleeping position.

2. Matsyasana - fish pose.

3. Mandukasan- frog poses.

4. Balasana - child pose.

5. Ushtrasan - camel pose

Benefits of these asanas are - 

They help stimulate metabolism and improve function of glucose homeostasis. Due to these body postures abdominal organs get good massage which help to enhance functions of respective organs. It also increases muscular strength & elasticity. Blood circulation improves and reaches to target organs in a proper quantity which can help a diabetic patient heal their wounds fast. Lastly, increases Oxygenation at cellular level.

Ayurveda therapy

Adopt Ayurvedic dincharya which tells to do yoga, exercise and have good breakfast. Have timely and satvik, mitahar diet. Lastly, sleep and get up early.

Rejuvenation therapy

1. Udvartan ie full powder body massage. It helps to stay away from foul smelling of body sweats. Specially in diabetic patients it is important for maintaining skin care.

2. Abhyang / shirodhara ie relaxation. It reduces stress and rejuvenates mind.

3. Padabhyang ie foot massage. It has a direct effect on our endocrine & metabolic system which regulates hormonal secretions. It increases feel good factor (hormones-serotonin etc) in blood which help an individual relax.

Ayurved medicines suggested are -

1. Jamun seeds powder.

2. Khadir,Triphala .

3. Arogyavardhini vati

4. Amla Ras and turmeric.

Obese Diabetic patient – Mainly Pancharma therapy, Langhan (activities which help to reduce weight) therapy with diet modification & yoga activities, walking etc. will help obese diabetic patients.

Thin Diabetic Patients - Mainly Abhyang shirodhara therapy & Bruhan (activities which help to gain weight) therapy with will help thin diabetic patient.

In short, diet modification & yogic activities will be helpful in both types of diabetic patients.

Yoga & Ayurveda therapy are our ancient gift. They are a proven science to enhance quality of life & maintain good health & immunity.



About Author: She is B.A.M.S & done Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Shastra. She is working with Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Mumbai as Medical Consultant, handling medical cases & manages various internal & external projects of Yoga since last 7 years. She is having experience of academic teaching & conducting workshop, talks on Health, Yoga & Ayurveda. Her keen interest exploring self within & serve to humanity through ancient science Yoga & Ayurved.


Editor: Please consult an Ayurvedic doctor and Yoga teacher before acting on recommendations referred to above.

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