The Top Ten Wellness Tourism Destinations in India

  • By Vipin Saini
  • September 13 2021

India has a great history in the field of wellness and health. It is the birth land of the world's two oldest, safest, and the effective health and wellness traditions, Ayurveda and Yoga. Since the ancient period, our saints and sages have been practicing age-old practices like meditation which focuses on being in the moment and is backed up by famous psychologists as one of the effective ways to tackle mental health conditions like anxiety, which has become a widespread psychological condition in today's stress-laden lifestyle where fast is the new trend.


Today, India has emerged as a key center of wellness and health due to centuries of cumulative civilizations' wisdom, which treats body and mind as one entity.


So, let's prioritize our mental and physical health and explore India's top 10 wellness tourism destinations that uphold the safest, ancient, and most effective wellness practices.


1.   Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre – Bengaluru, Karnataka

Located on the outskirts of Bengaluru, this wellness center is one of India's most recognized, offering accommodation facilities for guests in a beautiful antique wooden cottage. Covering 9 acres, this healthcare center renders gentle touch via ayurvedic remedies, Yoga, Pranayama, a vegetarian diet and offers treatment for depression, sinusitis, hypertension, psoriasis, diabetes, etc.


2.   The Leela – Kovalam, Kerala

Besides being one of the famous hotels in India, it is also a top wellness center, wherein therapies in a combination of detoxification, rejuvenation, destress, and wellness is provided. They offer multiple packages giving ample choices to people coming from far and wide to get themselves relaxed, distressed. The wellness center also offers weight management treatments, including body massages and herbal medicines to tone down the body. Their spa treatments are effective in revitalizing your mind, body, and soul.

3.    Ananda – Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

One of the top luxury spa resorts in India, nestled in the hills of the Great Himalaya in North Indian state of Uttarakhand spread across 100 acres of land, enveloped by Sal Forest, this wellness center is pooled with the views of mighty and glorious Himalayan Mountains, which provides a sense of relaxation to the mind. With wellness tourism in India growing exponentially, the demand for healing and wellness service providers has increased. At Ananda, there is a team of experts, Ayurvedic doctors, skilled therapists, nutritionists, yogis, and chefs, aiming to offer their guests the best of the experience.


4.    Shreyas Yoga Retreat Bengaluru, Karnataka

Today, with modern science realizing its tremendous benefits to overall health, the popularity of yoga has transcended the geographical boundaries and is practiced globally as a way of life to stay fit. Shreyas Yoga Retreat, situated in India's is the best place specializing in treatment with yoga with a great ambiance; situated in Bengaluru is the best choice. Moreover, they are also well-known for their Naturopathy, Ayurveda, beauty treatments, and treatment of psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.

5.    Vana – Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Vana is one of the beautiful wellness tourist destinations in Uttarakhand, spread in a vast expanse of 21 acres of land. They offer various competitive packages, including comfortable accommodation, amiable assistance, and amenities that focus on their visitors' well-being. This place came into existence in January 2014 Act, which requires the visitors to follow a certain number of rules. Their services focus on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the client.


6.    Devaaya – Goa

A unit of the Alcon Victor Group and a popular name in the list of Ayurveda centers, Devaaya is sprawled across 5- acre land offering a perfect blend of wellness and a luxurious lifestyle and is one of the best places to recoup health and wellness. It comes replete with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable experience for the guests with 24 hours services of hot/cold water, saunas, gym, television, ergonomic furniture, air conditioner, etc.


7.    Atmantan – Pune, Maharashtra

Atmantan, the wellness center spread across a land of 40 acres, located in Pune, is best known for its services like acupuncture, aromatherapy, balneotherapy, pranic healing, to name a few. One can also get a Turkish hammam and Vichy for rejuvenation. It is one of the perfect places to achieve the state of complete relaxation of your mind and soul.


8.    Sarovaram Ayurvedic Health Centre – Ashtamudi, Kerala

This well-known Ayurvedic health care center is located close to the banks of Ashtamudi Lake. It is well known for its affordable wellness services for people looking for budget options. They are the providers of the most authentic ayurvedic treatments, provision for birth watching, visit the herbal garden, village, temple, etc.


9.    Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre-Mysore, Karnataka

This center, nestled amidst verdant Chamundi Hills, is built as per scriptures and ancient architectural concepts. It strives to treat patients based on Vedic insights through Ayurvedic practices. Visitors can enjoy comfortable accommodation and avail services like education in ayurvedic concepts and yoga therapies. Herein, experts specialize in the treatment of PCOD, obesity, acne, hypothyroidism, etc.

10.Nimba Nature Cure-Mehsana, Gujarat

Spread across 50-acres of land, this center specializes in treating respiratory, gastrointestinal, and other lifestyle diseases. 'Nimba' is a word derived from ancient scriptures that means 'offering good health.' Herein, the team of experts and therapists aims to improve the body's overall health, inclusive of spiritual health.


Plan a visit to any of these wellness destinations and come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


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