Hindu Fasts and Festivals

  • By Swami Sivananda
  • October 26 2019


Every book by Swamiji is divine and useful this one is no different.

“In this book Gurudev has explained the significance and the philosophy of many of our fasts and festivals. In two aspects of these observances, he has always allowed the greatest freedom: (1) in the determination of the dates of the festival, which, as he has explained on page 53, vary, and (2) in the traditional ways of celebrating them.”

Sub-headings in book are Festivals, Jayanthis, Vratas. As always language is simple and easy to understand.

To read book in PDF format please click on PDF to download book.

Book is ‘Courtesy and Copyright, The Divine Life Society, P.O. Sivanandanagar – District Tehri-Garwhal, Uttarakhand, Himalayas, India’.

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