FASTING - a perspective

Most people fear the word fasting, some despise it, some call it unscientific, some get depressed by doing it and yet, many use it for all the wrong reasons and results, including weight loss!

Fasting is misunderstood as a Weight loss remedy and is thought to involve keeping yourself away from food! Interestingly Fasting has nothing much to do with Food!

Let us analyze and understand what fasting means!

Fasting means exactly as the word means – To Fasten!

We all have heard / read and have been asked in planes, car etc to“fasten the seatbelt while seated”! What does it mean?

It is a procedure / technique done to protect oneself – we all understand, so that we are safe even in case of any accidents or emergencies!

Let’s see, what exactly we do while fastening your seat belt!

First the belt is pulled and tightened across the abdomen and chest; then we keep our head and neck steady and straight. This is fastening and this help us protect from dangers while travelling.

Similarly, while travelling in Life or in the journey of Life, we must apply the same principles for a safe and protected Living!

Tightening the abdomen means to restrict the food to the need only – means eat minimum

Belt across the chest means to protect your vital organs – Heart and lungs – means to keep the emotions controlled

Steady Head and neck means to keep your thoughts clear and focused

These three simple principles complete the fasting and are easy to apply in life!!!

So Fasting means to protect you:

It is done exactly as we use seat belt

Tightened / comforted abdomen or Limited food; protected chest or controlled emotions; steady neck or Clear thoughts in head!!!

Wish you all health and happiness…

Practical Tips on “How to Do it”:

Toning the abdomen

- No Grain (Cereals / Wheat / Rice / Millets etc) day / Meal
- No grain supper
- Different grain meal (Change in grain type - Wheat / Rice / Millets etc)
- Sugar / salt free day / meal
- Fruits & Vegetable day / Meal
- Butter milk / Fermented veggies etc few times a week / daily

Balancing the Emotions

- Physical activity that helps to sweat profusely (not on serious fasting / diet control days)
- Floating on water / swimming / being by sea side / being in bathing tub
- Watching a different Art / Performing a different art / Music / Being with children
- Warm foot bath / warm pads on abdomen / Organic & Natural sweets

Meditative / Clarity in thoughts

- Dedicate a day / Time for a single activity (Service to society)
- Donate a day / Time of your energy in any way to help others
- Dedicate a day / Time to teach people something useful

1.As explained above, this is a protective measure (it balances the psycho – physiological activities).
2.Fasting (any types) helps to improve immunity as proved by many research studies.
3.Helps reduce insulin resistance and thus help manage Diabetes, Hypothyroidism and Obesity
4.Specific hormones like leptin and Gherlin are sensitized to balance Hunger and Satisfaction feeling!
5.Highly useful in eliminatingHedonic Hunger / Cravingand thus help you out of food addiction!
6.Improves fat burning capacity through Brown fat and also increases Basal Metabolic rate (BMR).

NB: Please note this is not a medical advice for any condition or person; it is intended only as general information. For all practical purposes please do seek professional help / advice.

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