Physical attributes of Vatas, Pittas and Kaphas

  • By Wellness Sense
  • January 10 2020


Ayurveda “classifies everyone according to three universal natures, or constitutional types known as the prakriti.”

It says our intrinsic nature determines the physical attributes of the body. Your dosha and your prakriti represent how your genetic make-up affects your physical and mental wellbeing.


But what is dosha. Pratima Raichur wrote in ‘Absolute Beauty – Radiant Skin and Inner Harmony’ that “the five elements themselves are inanimate, but in combination they give rise to three biological forces or principles, called doshas. Together, space and air create Vata dosha or the ‘air’ principle; fire and water create Pitta dosha, or the ‘fire’ principle; and water and warth create the Kapha dosha, or the earth principle.” 

This article describes physical attributes of each body type for eg Body frame, Joints and muscles, Body temperature, Body weight, Nature of hair, Forehead, Nature of Eyes, Lips and Teeth, Skin and complexion and Hands and nails.

To read Part 1 of Vatas, Pittas and Kaphas in PDF format click on PDF.


Continuing with the physical attributes in part two. This covers Voice and speech, Perspiration, Appetite and digestion, Sleep pattern, Seasonal allergies, Mental attributes and Dual constitution.  


To read Part 2 in PDF format click on PDF.


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