AGENDA for the New Indian Government

  • Here is a 14 point Agenda for the new Government of India covering constitution, law, economics, defence, exports and nation building.

It has been an exciting election season in India. Here are ideas for the incoming government of India, irrespective of party.


The fourteen ideas are stated in brief, cover a wide range of issues and are not presented in any priority. To deep dive click on links at end of idea. Author does not claim that every idea is original but yes they are important.   


1. Which government is responsible for what?

Most are unaware which government, Centre-State-Local body, is responsible for what. The Government of India (GOI) must run a campaign to inform the public. Public will then know who is accountable for what.  


For e.g. under the Constitution Agriculture is a State subject. That is why power to levy income-tax on agricultural incomes lies with the state governments. In practice, GOI spends large amounts of money on agriculture by subsidising fertilisers and insurance, purchase of select products at Minimum Support Price, PM Kisan. Read  Why India needs a Masterclass in responsibility & accountability of each arm of the Government


Simultaneously, columnists and media should be encouraged to always specify which of the three levels of governments need to effect change. Just saying Government is not enough. This applies to Industry leaders too, when they speak of excessive government regulation.


This will also help in pin-pointing the source of corruption, talking government generally might not affect change.


2. Promote National Unity through Similar Laws for all (UCC) 

Indic Scholar V Srinivas wrote, “The civilizational worldview believes in the unity of all Hindus, nay all Indians, and sees the civilizational substratum as a unifying force that beckons to all to be one national whole with a shared vision of the future. This view demands equal treatment of all in the eyes of the law and equal opportunity for all. The divisive worldview focuses constantly on the divisions between Indians – division of caste, division between religions, and recently, divisions even based on color.”


India will prosper when all see a shared future together. This will happen when we have a Uniform Civil Code and decolonise. Read  Clash of Two World Views + Were Backward Classes always suppressed in India  + FAQ UCC


Equal rights also means that Hindus, who are denied equal human rights, for e.g. manage their temples and retain hundi collections (they become part of the State Treasury in some states). Read  Laws that deny Hindus human rights


3. One Tax Law for all citizens

Scheduled Tribes who convert continue to be treated as ST for the purposes of government benefits and under the Income-Tax Act. In the northeast ST, even post conversion, do not pay income-tax. This needs to change. Similarly, benefits of Hindu Undivided Family need to go. 


We need consistency between laws for e.g. Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists are Hindus under the Income-Tax Act but minority for government benefits. Read    Tax laws should be same for all Indian citizens


Economic Backwardnesss should be the key criteria for government benefits. Read State Benefits in United Kingdom


4. We need a DESI Preamble that the people of India can understand/relate to

The current preamble is based on European concepts.


The proposed preamble could be WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, shall STRIVE to live by and follow - Dharma, Divinity, Samman, Sahayak (being helpful), Daya, Swatantra Soch, Ekagrata, Deshbhakti and Anushashan. Read  Proposed Preamble


This can be translated into Indian languages. Those who are worried about the constitution being changed must know it is already amended 100 plus times. Every document needs to change with time. Bharat is the Land of Sanatana Dharma, has multiple not one holy books.


Note that the Constitution was written in the late 1940’s when the only constitutional values were Western. Read  How Indian is the Indian Constitution


5. How to effect Change – FAQ

For e.g. farm laws. The government spoke in different voices or did not speak at all. Preparing and sharing an FAQ by GOI, including in local languages, will help people understand the proposals, how it could impact them and prevent spread of misinformation. Read  How the BJP can affect change + FAQ Births and Deaths Bill 2023


6. Work Together with States to improve ease of doing business and living

India is run by the States more than the Centre. Reforms in areas like health, education and labour can be affected when both work in tandem. Surely, there will be conflicting political objectives but find a way of working together for national benefit, requires States to change approach too. Centre and States must find ways to co-exist in mutually benefically ways. Read  India is run by the States


7. Maintain Macro-Economic Stability

One of the reasons things are looking better today is macroeconomic stability on various fronts including improved current account deficit, robust banks and easing inflation pressure. It is because of macro-economic stability that Bloomberg and JP Morgan decided to include Government of India Bonds in their index. This stability needs to continue. State borrowing must be within limits laid down by the Finance Commission. 


Freebies, revival of Old Pension Scheme amongst others are roadblocks. What is a freebie is beyond the scope of this article.  


8. Reduce Debt levels

Recently finance minister N Sitharaman said, “That India’s debt-to-GDP ratio was at 81% in FY22, compared with 260.1% for Japan, 121.3% for the US, 111.8% for France and 101.9% for the UK.” Source India’s % being lower is no solace.


“While announcing the Union Budget for fiscal fear 2021-22, Finance Minister Sitharaman said, “Other than IDBI Bank, we propose to take up the privatisation of two public sector banks and one general insurance company in the year 2021-22.” Source  Nothing has moved.


GOI must use the Rs 2.11 lakh crore dividend from the Reserve Bank of India and sale proceeds of Disinvestment to retire debt. It shall reduce interest cost and give GOI leeway in case a Covid19 type calamity hits India again. Read  What is the Impact of Rising Debt  

Promoting Tourism to Southeast Asia can become an instrument of foreign policy 

9. Foreign Policy Challenges

According to a retired diplomat and former ambassador India faces three key challenges, “Dealing with an assertive and aggressive China, Balancing our relations with the US on the one hand and the Russia China grouping on the other and Dealing with emerging maritime challenges across the Indian Ocean and the Eastern Pacific.”


With China it is cooperate and compete plus reduce imports over time. Protect India’s interest without provoking the Chinese unnecessarily and making them loose face publicly. On Balancing India must consistently make the US realize how a stronger India benefits the West. Meeting maritime challenges require investments in equipment and working with like minded countries.  


The world respects economic and military power, period.


India must resist U.S. pressure on the recently signed Chabhar Port deal. The port will enable India to send aid to Afghanistan and enhance trade ties with Central Asian countries.


Notwithstanding the current turmoil in the Middle East, India should move ahead with IMEC (India Middle East Europe Corridor). Hear Video 18 minutes on IMEC Corridor Benefits – Think School


By visiting or not visiting a country the purchasing power of Indian Tourists can become an instrument of foreign policy. Read  Visit Kazakhstan + Promoting Tourism to Southeast Asia can become an instrument of foreign policy


10. Export of Defence Products

Exports of defence and aerospace equipment touched a record of Rs 21,083 crore in the financial year 2023-24, a growth of 32.5% over last year. Total defence exports during 2004-05 to 2013-14 were Rs 4,312 crore, which has gone up to Rs 88,319 crore in the period 2014-15 to 2023-24. (Business Standard Ajai Shukla April 2, 2024).


An industry expert says, “Anything that involves metal forging is good for India.” Thus, export of Tanks, ATGs, Shells, Barrels, Tank Wheels have potential. In terms of which products to export a senior defence journalist says, “Light frigate / naval offshore patrol vessel, 3D tactical control radar, ⁠Pinaka Multi Barrel rocket launcher, ⁠full range of artillery - 105 and 130 mm, ⁠Light Combat Aircraft Tejas- all variants and Full range of light Helicopters -  Light Combat (LCH), Light Utility (LUH), and Advanced Light (ALH). 


India must export Brahmos Missiles to countries in Asia-Pacific atleast. Read  How India can build Comprehensive National Power


11. Segment Exports. Key segments must have a Relationship Manager in the Prime Minister’s Office

India must identify sectors in which it has a competitive advantage say two- wheelers and automobiles. With an intent to maximise exports an officer should be posted in the Prime Minister’s Office, designated as Relationship Manager Auto Exports, who would facilitate removal of bottlenecks for manufacturer exporters by coordinating with numerous ministries of GOI, state governments and industry bodies.

There is more to India than the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. 

12. Promote Tourism includes Medical

India’s Tourism Policy needs a cross-functional and integrated approach. India must promote India’s Cultural Assets (including Heritage, Dance forms, Ayurveda) Plus Border Tourism etc. Read  Ideas Tourism Policy India  


Tourism has four segments, domestic tourism-foreign tourists, Buddhist devotees & Medical Tourism.  GOI has to work closely with state governments.


Bodh Gaya needs to have the equivalent of a Kashi Vishwanath Corridor and Ayodhya. Album Buddhists devotees from Asia at Bodh Gaya


Read  22 Ideas for Medical Tourism Policy + India must promote regions beyond the Golden Triangle


13.  Continue with Infrastructure building-roads, expressways and ports. Plus  electrification of railways, exclusive freight corridors etc. This will reduce crude imports and logistics cost.  Read  How the Railways is adopting green mobility


14. Control Bangladeshi infiltration

India’s hard stance on Pakistan has meant India going the extra mile to improve relations with Muslim majority Bangladesh. The country has a population of app 17 crores (2022) spread over an area of about 147,560 sq kms giving it a density of 1157 people per sq km.


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh, wrote in his book, Eastern Pakistan: Its Population and Economics says, "Because Eastern Pakistan must have sufficient land for its expansion and because Assam has abundant forests and mineral resources, coal, petroleum etc, Eastern Pakistan must include Assam to be financially and economically strong.” Source


Today, the gateway to illegal migrants is more West Bengal than Assam. They and Rohingyas are changing demographics across India that will eventually result in social unrest. By availing of government benefits (considered a minority) government funds are spent on these illegal immigrants. Read Bangladeshi Infiltration into India  

 Reforms in the higher judiciary are important. However, since it is accountable only to itself change has to come from within. The Executive, can at best, provide for better infrastructure. Read  Ideas for the Higher Judiciary

Other points

1. When the Janata Party came to power in 1977 an attempt was made to define ‘secular republic’ to mean a ‘republic’ in which there is equal respect for all religions.’ This needs to be done now.


2. Initiate a Public Debate on what is a Freebie and downside.


3. Reduce number of Beneficiaries getting free foodgrains. Note that currently app 81 crore beneficiaries are getting free food grains. List of beneficiaries is decided by states. Poverty rate is falling yet! Read  Centre must review NFSA beneficiaries for Budget. Use Aadhar database, not 2011 Census


4. Price Stabilization Fund for Petroleum Products-when prices of crude go down, do not reduce end consumer prices by the same proportion. Instead, transfer an amount to a price stabilization fund which can be used at time of future price shocks.


5. Buy out Kartarpur Corridor Access from Pakistan – Kartarpur is only 4.5kms from the international border. Pakistan needs money so pay money to Pakistan and buy out the land that gives unhindered access to the region where the Gurudwara stands.


6. Increase the number of Medical Collegesstart Reservation Free Colleges to reduce the number of Indian students who are compelled to study abroad at higher cost.


7. Launch a media campaign to make Indians realize the negative impact on the environment of Beef consumption and how it contributes to global warming.


8. Make the India-Pacific Island Partnership a reality.

“India announced a development-oriented 12-step ‘Action Plan to Strengthen India-Pacific Island Partnership at the third summit meeting of the Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC). The Action Plan includes a project in each of the Pacific islands countries to develop the small and medium enterprises sector.” 


9. The Waqf Board is subject to a different law and receives grants from the government but Hindu religious affairs are controlled by the government. Waqf property is dedicated to The Almighty in supposedly a Constitution driven state? Only Muslims are by law allowed to become CEO’s of the State Waqf Boards. Read  FAQ on Waqf Board


This divisive framework needs to change.


10. Chairman of Ind-Space Pawan Goenka says, “We are very serious about the private sector coming into Space and playing a lead role, along with ISRO.” Read  Space Alliances could aid India’s strategic pursuits


Initiatives like support to Drones (made in India) and Start Ups must continue.


11. The Centre could, in consultation with States, set up the equivalent of a GST Council to agree on a framework for bringing agriculture under the Concurrent List.


 12. Change the regulatory framework for NRI’s ownership of agricultural land. 


 NRI's cannot own agricultural land, receive subsidy or sell produce at MSP. Read  Regulatory ideas for NRI’s owning agricultural land

13.  Setting up of seed projects to train Sanatan theologians, historians and philosophers with secure jobs and good pay from age 17/class eleven. Technology savvy humanities students' learning centres which are manned by a dedicated cadre of Indic professors. 

14. Going by the results the Khalistan issue is set for a revival between 2024 and 2029. Clearly, Modi’s policy of reaching out to moderate Sikhs has not produced the desired results. Khalistan is now mixed up with Agriculture politics and reform.


 These words of Swami Vivekananda have stayed with me, “Life is expansion, and if you stand against it, you become   decadent or die.” Nationalist and Religious Lectures of Swami Vivekananda by Swami Tapasyananda Pg. 55


 The Bharat of today wants every section of society to grow. We want an India that plays to win. We want an India that   exports products globally.


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