No Peace, only Pieces - The Sufi Mission in Kashmir

  • By Dimple Kaul
  • January 2017

Sufis have been revered in our country as a sect representing the true face of Islam!

The face that beams peace, love and brotherhood.

This fallacy has been nurtured so deep in our psyche that Sufi Music has become an inseparable part of our culture.

And that is not all! Even the honourable Prime Minister has hailed their role, especially in Kashmir!

With this series, the authors intend to examine the actual role of Sufis in Kashmir. This paper highlights the iconolcastic activities of Shamsuddin Araqi (c. 1480 CE). The article lists down temples that were destroyed and has their pictures too.

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About Authors:
Dimple Kaul (@dimple_kaul) is a Learner, Writer and Life Enthusiast who writes on various issues across genres. TrueIndology (@TrueIndology) is a History Enthusiast focused on bringing to light the true History of India based on authentic, primary research. Together they form a team intent on creating and raising awareness about India's true History! Some of their work is available on and You can follow them on facebook at and

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