HEART to HEART - Stories From A Life Stranger Than Fiction

  • Know about Gautam’s spiritual journey that includes the time spent with spiritual master from different traditions and visits to places with spiritual associations. 


Gautam’s spiritual teacher and Advaita master, Ramesh Balsekar, would often say, “Life is stranger than fiction.” In his case, it couldn’t be truer. He found himself miraculously being guided to places with spiritual associations and, what’s more, his visits to these hallowed sites were providentially made easy for him!


Although he had no plans to get into the ‘business’ of publishing spiritual books, fate dealt Gautam a different hand. His experiences as a publisher, both positive as well as negative, are candidly shared by him for the benefit of the reader.


Gautam’s depiction of his spiritual journey includes the time spent with his spiritual mentor as well as other masters from different traditions who would play a significant role in his evolution. It not only gives us an insight into various sacred places and spiritual traditions but also lets us be privy to his inner landscape, founded on the Indian philosophy of Advaita, and the lineage that he has been following and espousing through his talks and books. The reader will find that the precious teaching of Advaita runs through the book like a thread on which pearls of wisdom are strung.


What has been handed down from master to master will travel to your Heart too through Gautam’s latest offering.


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