How to realize God

The moment someone starts talking about Vedic concepts, we conclude that he is either an illiterate or superstitious. This is happening because some preachers have not supported their theories with logic and reason. And we never confront them out of regard and or we are convinced that Vedic theories are purely a matter of personal belief.


Every single Vedic concept’s primary objective is to bring some deeper and eternal benefit. If at all a particular Vedic practice is delivering you some material benefit, it is purely a POSITIVE SIDE EFFECT. 


Now it is my turn. What and how should I preach?


Neither am I well known Guru or preacher nor am I influenced by the western material thought. I have tried my best to substantiate every single Vedic concept in this book with reason. It is my strong belief and life mission to show that Vedic concepts are purely a matter of most advanced science.


That is the reason I have tried to provide detailed logic behind every single Vedic concept and also make sure that every one of you realize the importance of producing the required spiritual power to match your needs.


Interestingly, to produce spiritual power and realize God – you don’t need to leave your family, meditate in Himalayas or sit in padmasana. 


I personally invite you to read the 48 page book 'God Realization'. It is presented in a very easy to read format. Please mail me your feedback and also tell me how I can do better. 


To read book in PDF format. Pictures courtesy author. 


Author is founder He is a Graduate in Law from Andhra University and Postgraduate in Management from Indian Institute of Advanced Management. He was Referral Broker to the Wall Street Banking Corporation and Director at Balla Institute of Technology and Management, before getting into the spiritual stream.


Editor's Note - For simplicity we have used the word God. Actually the word God, being a Christian term, has no place in Sanatana Dharma.


Swami Sarvagatananda wrote in the book Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali - Raja Yoga Lectures' published by Ramakrishna Mission 


"1.24 Isvara (the Supreme Ruler) is a special Purusa, untouched by misery, actions, their results and desires. "Isvara is any spiritually illumined person, any saint, any sage, any incarnation, any realised soul who is free from all worldly desires,  their ambition and results, and who is a special being untouched by anguish." pg 170


"The God of Raja Yoga is not a God of a particular historical period, or with name and form, it is beyond that, it is an infinite, eternal and immortal God. The one who is associated with or identified with that pure Consciousness, divine Consciousness, is called Isvara. This concept of God goes beyond Christianity. Patanjali was born before Christs, before all the deities were worshiped in India. Now what was the concept of God at that time?" pg 179

So God is pure Consciousness. Hindus, Buddhists and Jains try to define themselves against the Christian concept of God when theirs predated the Christian and Islamic concepts of God. 

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