The Yogis have the answer to 'the theory of everything'

Some  Yogic examples of how the Inanimate universe and your mind/body are  inextricably interlinked and how the Yogis are beyond science and  time.

How  is the physical universe, the earth and planets linked to body  rhythms and your mind by the Yogis? Remember the Mahavakya "Aham  Bhramasmi" or the universe is within me? Everyone said, how is  it possible? These phrases would be taken by the semi educated  "scientific' types as proof that our system was   nonsensical. Remember navagraha puja? ( praying to the 9 planets in   Indian astrology to ward off the malefic influence of the 9 planets?  When current science has been telling you there are only 8 planets in  our solar system). Well a growing body of astronomers are saying  there has to be a planet beyond Pluto, based on their gravitational  calculations on other planets. I am still waiting for the Yogis to  get it wrong.

To  understand the rest of this article one has to understand the  difference between a Yogi and a Pundit and/or a Academic Scholar of  the texts . The Yogi attains a clear intuitive vision of the real  nature of things through intense meditation. This is usually  considered impossible to err as the vision is divinely ordained and  is considered a direct vision of all phenomenon in the universe  through deep practice. A pundit or a scholar, has no direct vision of  anything. They delve at the level of grammatical interpretation of  texts and extensive cross referencing gymnastics and are as prone to  err as any human system .   

Your  breathing and the rotation of the earth is synchronous

In  the Yogic universe, nothing is coincidental. The animate and  inanimate universe is all connected in one big universal rhythm.

As  per yoga, if you are healthy, a rested man takes 15 breaths a minute.  This would mean in a day he takes (15*60*24=21,600) 21,600 breaths a  minute. Now let's calculate how many Longitudes are there. We have  360 degrees of longitude, which consist of 60 minutes each (360*60=  21,600). So we breath 21,000 times a day as the earth moves through  21,600 longitudes a day. For every breath you take the earth rotates  one minute of longitude. Coincidence with such an odd number?

Your  body rhythms and the rhythm of the universe are in consonance . The  only question left is, who is perceptive enough to understand and  link it . In this we turn to our Yogis.

Let's  try another one.

A  woman's periods, and how Moons rotation around the earth governs   the cycle of fertility and birth

The  Moon orbit around the earth is divided into 27 moon phases or  Nakshatras. Each Nakshatra is subdivided into 4 padas. Thus (27*4 =  108) we have a total of 108 Padas. These 108 padas of the moon as it  moves around the earth take 27.55 days to complete from One amavasya  (New Moon) to one Purnima (Full Moon) and back, which is the exact  time for a healthy woman's menstrual cycle i.e 27.55 days. It's this  cycle that governs fertility and the birth of humanity.

The  western calendar has 30 days, which is out of sync with the human  body and the lunar cycle which exerts the strongest gravitational  force on us. This is why ancient Indians had linked our calendar to  the moon and not the sun as a primary influence. The sun is important  too, but the system is based on descending order of influence.

What's  up with 108 in Hindu Tradition apart from the above?

108,  which is the amount of repetition of most mantras recommended by  Yogis to ward off malefic influence of planets in Astrology, is  derived from an unbelievable measurement for the time period it was  brought into practice, i.e. about 10,000 years back,

1) Diameter of the sun = 8,64,327 miles. (Multiplied by 108 = 93,347,351  Miles)
Distance  from the sun (as the earth has an elliptical orbit) minimum 91  million miles to maximum 94.1 million miles.

2) Diameter of the moon 2159 miles (Multiplied by 108 = 233,172 miles)
Distance  of earth to moon is minimum 225,622 miles to a maximum of 252,088  miles ( as the moon too has an elliptical orbit.

108  (9) becomes a repetitive magical number in a lot of our understanding  of the universe, hence the importance the number 9 signifies in our  faith.

The  Yogis for the last 10,000 years have said the entire cosmos was  nothing but consciousness. Physicists researching the frontiers of  quantum physics today cannot proceed unless they incorporate a new  metric called consciousness  in their understanding of the  universe.

Frontier  Fundamental Physics in explaining the nature of the universe i.e.  Quantum Physics and specifically String and M theory has hit a glass  ceiling . All researchers are stuck unless they incorporate a new  metric dimension called 'Consciousness'. They cannot proceed unless  they acknowledge and incorporate this dimension. They are squirming  with unease because all this time they taunted and ridiculed the  eastern Yogis who kept repeating that the fundamental basis of the  whole universe including ourselves is consciousness. The Yogis are  quietly chuckling amongst themselves. After all these were the very  same guys who gave the world decimals, zero and astrology.

The  scientists in the quantum field have reached the frontier where they  have realized the entire universe including matter is our  consciousness, which merges finally into a super consciousness. (God  to some folks)

Micky  mouse research in materials research and application research does  not need this as its at a very basic level. But Fundamental quantum  research has hit this 'consciousness' barrier.

For  science to proceed it has to acknowledge and proceed with what Yogis  have been saying since known human history.

Apart  from lots of bruised scientific egos, this may be a good thing as  science and eastern philosophy which originated in India now have to  meet and acknowledge each other otherwise there will be no progress  for fundamental research.

The  scientific quest for the Unified field theory will not happen unless  and until Science acknowledges consciousness (remember the mini  experiment called the Heisenberg Uncertainty experiment?). This is a  fundamental fact which cannot be circumvented. The Yogi sits solely  and completely on the deep understanding of the consciousness and  uses it in his evolution.

Nava  Graha prayers in temples for thousands of years.

From  childhood I was always confused about the nava graha puja in all  temples. (praying to the 9 planets to ward off the negative   influence of the nine planets). This was always disturbing as one is  taught repeatedly in school, there are only 8 planets in the solar  system. It was always a source of ridicule by the 'scientific ,  rational ' set for those who believed in religious mumbo jumbo. So  the question is, is it true? Well here are two links from very  respected scientific sources on the growing body of  evidence  that a 9th planet exists in our solar system.

The  Yogis who acquire perception through meditation and have  had a  clear vision and understanding of the universe, never fault in their  understanding. Science just has to catch up.

1. Compelling  evidence for a ninth planet in the solar system
2. New ninth planet in solar space

This  is not by any stretch of imagination a complete list of correlations  between the human body and mind and the universe around us. It's just  a small few examples of this relationship and interdependence and an  acknowledgment of the legacy our Yogis have left and continue to hold  for us.

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