Greatness of HAMSA

“Swan (hamsa), is a bird of S elegance, beauty and purity. She is compared to a saintly person who is unattached to worldly desires, just as her feathers do not get wet although she is in water. It is commonly known that the swan separates water from milk.


Swan is revered in Hinduism; what is it that makes this bird such an intrinsic part of the spiritual world?


A sadhaka who goes beyond all these becomes a Paramahamsa, literally meaning Supreme Swan that symbolises spiritual discrimination.”


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This article was first published in the May 2016 issue of Tattvaloka, the Splendour of Truth. Tattvaloka is published under the aegis of the illustrious 9th century Sringeri Sri Sharada Peetham, and the Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya of Sringeri. This article is courtesy and copyright Tattvaloka ( You can subscribe online at . Cost is Rs 496/ for one year (12 monthly issues) print, Rs 1,390 for three years, Rs 11,900 for Lifetime subscription.

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