• To avoid pollution in Delhi-NCR discover Indian Heritage in Chambal and Bundelkhand regions.

In about October-November every year, the Delhi based media goes into frenzy on pollution in Delhi. Soon all is forgotten. The cause and solution to pollution in NCR (National Capital Region) is beyond the scope of this article.


One way to beat pollution in NCR is to travel to nearby places. This article gives you three options in Madhya Pradesh namely Gwalior (Chambal), Orchha (Bundelkhand) and Indore (Malwa), suggests an itinerary, what to see along with album links.


1. How to reach Gwalior/Orchha/Indore from Delhi/Mumbai

Gwalior Fort.

Take the Bhopal Shatabhdi Express that leaves New Delhi station at 6 am and reaches Gwalior at 9.23 am. The same train reaches Jhansi at 10.45 am from where Orchha is app a 16 kms drive. You can hire a taxi or auto. There are afternoon trains too from New Delhi/Nizamuddin stations to Gwalior.


You can also drive from Delhi to Gwalior via Agra. It takes about 5-6 hours via the Yamuna Expressway.


From Mumbai to Jhansi take the Rajdhani that leaves CST (VT) at 4.00 pm and reaches Jhansi at 5 am. There are flights from Mumbai and Delhi to Gwalior.


For Delhi to Indore take the NDLS INDB express that leaves Delhi at 9.50 and reaches the next morning at 10.05 am. Alternatively, take a flight from Delhi to Indore. For Mumbai to Indore take the Avantika Express from Bombay Central. It leaves at 8.55 pm and reaches at 9.05 am.


2. Assuming you reach Gwalior first (morning) what can itinerary be?

Durbar Hall inside Jai Vilas Palace.

Day 1 - Visit Gwalior Fort, Gujari Museum inside fort, Evening Light and Sound Show in fort.

Day 2 – Jai Vilas Palace Museum and Rock Cut Jain that is in the fort but from a different entrance. Scindia Boys school is inside the fort – if get permission see. See Tansen Tomb in city. Captions have all details.

Inside Gujari Museum, good collection.

Rock cut Jain inside Gwalior Fort. Must see.   


Albums  Gwalior Fort - Gujari Museum  - Rock Cut Jain monuments – Jai Vilas Palace – Gwalior City – Scindia Boys School inside fort – Teli Ka Mandir inside fort Sas Bahu Temple inside fort    


What is close to Gwalior?

Chambal River Safari.

Padawali Temple, Morena. 


Day 3 – Three temples in Morena are a must see. Close by is Dholpur. If fond of wildlife go for a Chambal River Safari too (book in advance). The day might get long if you do all of this but since all in one direction better to stretch yourself-leave early. In Dholpur surely visit Tirthraj Machkund. 

Mitawali Temple, Morena.


Albums Bateshwar Temples - Mitawali Temple – Padawali Temple – Kakanmath Shiv temple – Dholpur, Rajasthan – All about Chambal River Safari


Day 4 – Leave for Orchha (120 kms). Enroute stop by at Datia. Here see 7 storey palace, Peethambara Shaktipeeth and Jain Temples. At Jhansi see Fort and Museum. Jhansi to Orchha is 16 kms. 

2 Datia Palace.


Albums  Datia Palace – Jhansi Fort


So 4 days for Gwalior and around. You can choose what you like – number of days would vary accordingly. 


Day 5 Orchha

Park with freedom fighter Chandrasekhar Azad statue.   

See Fort, Cenotaphs, Ram Mandir and Chandrasekhar Azad Park, Paintings in fort and temples must see. If there is water in Betwa river go River rafting.


For a Guide call Sanjay Yadav 91 83497 50943. For a Home stay call Vandana 91 93400 31598. Orchha has many good hotels, some on the river banks. We stayed at the Madhya Pradesh Tourism hotel-good.

For a detailed travelogue on Orchha Albums  See Orchha – Bundela Paintings Orchha


What is close to Orchha?

Garhkundar Fort. Pic Sanjay Yadav. 


Day 6 Garhkundar Fort

Do visit. It is about 70 kms away. “It is located in such a way that from 12kms, it remains visible from naked eye but one you get closer to it, it gets dis-appeared and become difficult to locate. It was used a kingdom capital till 1539 AD. Later capital was shifted to Orchha.” Take guide from Orchha.


Album  Garhkundar Fort


Day 7 Chanderi

Chanderi (105 kms from Orchha say 2.5 to 3 hours). If you take a train get off at Lalitpur i.e. 36 kms from Chanderi. It is a day trip from Orchha.


It is known for its fort and saris. There are some nice temples close to Chanderi yet to visit though. To see those you will have to stay overnight.


A friend from Delhi bought saris from Lala Ram Koli 91 97704 44729 and 91 70247 25163. She was happy.


Album Chanderi Saris  - For a travelogue on Chanderi Fort   


Day 8 Leave Orchha for Khajuraho

Newly made highway from Jhansi to Khajuraho. Pic by Sanjay Yadav. 

Kandariya Mahadev Mandir.

Distance 175 kms, takes app 2.5 hours. Suggest check into Madhya Pradesh Tourism Hotel-we stayed, nice. There are hotels catering to various price points.


Do see Light and Sound Show in evening. Keep one day for temples. Hire a guide so you understand.


Albums  Kandariya Mahadev Temple (the best) – Jain Temples – Lakshmana Temple – Western Temples – Viswanatha Temple


Read  All about Khajuraho Temples – Deeper meaning behind exotic sculptures in Khajuraho    


Day 9 Drive from Khajuraho to Jhansi for train to Delhi or drive from Khajurao to Delhi.


Now suppose I wish to go from Delhi to Indore


Either take train or fly to Indore.  


Read  For a Six day wise program of Indore, Mandu, Maheshwar, Burhanpur, Omkareshwar with album links


Keep day 7 for Mahakaleshwar Temple and Corridor, Ujjain


If you wish to see Ujjain City keep another day i.e. day 8.


Albums  Ujjain City and Jantar Mantar Ujjain    Read    Ujjain Yatra


I have provided details of what to see day wise for each place. Depending on time on hand you can decide what works for you.


Enjoy. If like share this program with friends.


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