Thrillophilia Sandakphu Trek Review

  • Personal experiences of a tourist who went for the Sandakphu Trek, West Bengal.

Recently I took a huge step for myself, going against my family and it was the best decision of my life. The past couple of months did not really go well for me and I was mentally drained out. Finally one day, I made a decision that helped me get back on my track and get over this side of me.

I planned to go on a trek, that too, a solo trek! At that point, it just felt necessary to do something risk-taking and something that would make me forget about all the worries in the world and a trek was exactly what I needed.

I planned to go alone but since this was my first trek, I definitely needed a professional expert with me. While going through all the traveling websites, I came across Thrillophilia and its Sandakphu Trek - 6 days & 5 Nights package. I also went through all the reviews of Thrillophilia to learn more about the company.

I sent an inquiry on the site regarding my preferred package. A travel expert called me within a few minutes and told me all about the package. I even asked the person what all I should bring to the trek and he was kind enough to dictate a list of things that I would need. I booked the package, did quite a lot of shopping and after a very long time, I was excited about something.

I did it!

At first, I was pretty nervous and rethinking my whole decision. But I started feeling a little positive as soon as I reached New Jalpaiguri station and met other members of the group. Everyone came with a welcoming attitude and we all spent the first day getting to know each other. 

The second day came and it was the first day of our trek. We had a great mountain guide and trek expert who gave us a safety briefing before our trek. Our first trek was to Tumling which was 9500 feet above sea level. What I appreciated the most was that there was a separate team of helpers who were in charge of food, medical kits and other necessities. After a tiring but awesome day, we stayed the night at Tumling.

For our third day, our destination was Kalapokhri which was a 6-7 hours trek. Once we reached the top, our mountain guide made all of us participate in small activities that brought all of us closer and we all played fun games. The view was to die for and I spent the night stargazing.

For the fourth day, we had to trek to our final destination, Sandakphu which was approximately 11,900 ft above sea level. This was the highlight of our trip and the place was extraordinary. We all clicked pictures, had a little bonfire, danced and listened to some soothing music. I wish I could write about each and every minute of that trip because every moment was epic.

I cannot put it into words, the feeling I had when I finally reached the top of Sandakphu. I was short of breath as well as words. All I knew was that there was a sense of accomplishment and I was happy. I looked at the breathtaking view in front of me and realized that all those worldly concerns were so petty. I only said one thing to myself - I did it!

I found out about Thrillophilia when I needed it the most. I loved it when the travel expert dictated a list of things that I needed for the trip, instead of just asking me to google it or check the website. The mountain guide was so polite and kept checking on me if I was okay, maybe because I was the only one who came solo on the trip. The arrangement was superb and out of my expectations.

Since I had such an amazing time on this trip with thrillophilia, I just had to add to the collection of reviews of Thrillophilia, because they deserve it!

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