Narayan Ashram Yatra, Kumaon

  • By Snehal Shah
  • October 10, 2023
The main temple with Swami Tadrupanandji’s kutir on the hill. The Annapurna range can be seen on the right.
  • My experience of yatra to Narayan Ashram, Kumaon. Pranams to Pujya Narayan Swami. Lovely pictures too.

I had planned this yatra earlier this year. I had no intent of putting my yatra experiences together but when people got to know that Prime Minister Modi is going to spend a night at the ashram, my brother’s friend requested me to put together a small write up.


Pujya Narayan Swami established the Ashram in 1935, at a location that would provide pilgrims to Kailash Mansoravar rest on the first night of their trek. Work for the ashram started in 1936 and was completed by 1945.  The ashram is about one and half hour drive from Dharchula.


Swamiji, a qualified engineer, was born in Mysore. He spent lot of time in Gujarat.


The nearest airport is Pantnagar. It is a one hour flight from Delhi and about a 14 hours drive from there. Both ways, we broke the journey at Lohaghat. We did not know but very close to Lohaghat is Mayavati Ashram where Swami Vivekananda spent a few days in 1901. One can also go via by Chakori but it is a bit longer. Chakori is a small hill-station i.e. famous for its sunrise and sunset.


See albums of Mayavati Ashram and hill-station Chakori   Now some pictures with captions.  


One of the hundreds of spectacular waterfalls on the way to the ashram. 




Narayan Guru Swami with Pujya Swami Sivananda. 


The shrine with a murti of Surya Narayan.

The murti was donated by the Mafatlal family and cast in Surat.


The Annapurnalaya, which houses the kitchen, dining room, manager’s office and living quarters for ashram guests.


Shoonyata Kutir is where Narayan Swami would meditate.  

There is a room on the top accessible by a rope with a trapdoor which can be shut to achieve total isolation-peace.


At sunset


Vegetables for consumption are grown on one of the greenhouses. 

The other greenhouse is used to grow Himalayan herbs, some of which are on the verge of extinction.


The ashram has a Gaushala with 18 cows and calves.

The cowherd, Gopal, is seen with Shri Haresh Parikh, Trustee.


One of the Panchachauli peaks can be seen from the Ashram. 

The snow was unusually low this year, perhaps signs of the things to come.


The ashram’s unique location and isolation stimulates spirituality and generates a profound sense of peace and will do for generations to come.


This ashram is a must visit. Good place to reflect and meditate. The rooms are nice and so is the food.


All pictures by author.  

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