How is The Arrangement of Taxi Services in Kashmir

  • Know all about the taxi services offered in Kashmir Valley and tips whilst hiring such services.

When it comes to exploring Kashmir and nearby places, we often get confused about the transportation options. Taxi Services in Kashmir is the ultimate decision as it adheres to your preference. There are numerous models of cars available at an affordable price. You get the luxurious experience of being chauffeured around in the valley.

From Sedan to SUVs, just name it. The price ranges from INR 1000 TO INR 1800 per day. If you are wishing to pay in regards to distance, you can check the online websites which provide Kashmir taxi service. It varies according to vehicle picked and mileage too.


You enjoy the whole trip sitting in the vehicle without any worries.

The drivers take you on a full-day sightseeing according to your customised itinerary. The rides, with views of wide-spread valleys, mountains seen at a far distance, streams gushing and giggling, are just mesmerising yet very fun. The routes taken are completely safe and take you to your desired destination.
We provide top-notch taxi services in Kashmir. The representatives from the company drop you at the exact same location from where you were picked. 


Road conditions of Kashmir 

Kashmir has well-connected roads-be it the roads linking Kashmir to other states or internal roads of the valley. At some places, they are a bit tougher to drive on due to their rough and rugged condition, but it won’t impact your plans in any way. Even the off-beat places have roads leading you there. Most of the time, they are open and accessible. 


In winters they do face temporary closure as snow is seen on them but BRO works day and night to keep them clear. You must remain updated throughout your trip regarding the current road conditions to avoid traffic and any other difficulty.  If you are planning on driving yourself in Kashmir, some past experience in off-roading is better. Remember, these are not your regular city roads. 


Different types of Taxi Services in Kashmir

There are various options that you can choose according to your needs. The first one is the airport transfer. In this, we can pick you from the airport on the day of arrival and drop you to your hotel or any location that you mention or we pick you from your hotel and drop you to the airport as you say goodbye to the valley. Our representatives are always on your time to pick or drop you.


Second in the category come Outstation cabs. The trip includes transfers to and from places like Srinagar to other parts of Jammu to Kashmir or to Ladakh and vice-versa. 

The best thing to do is book round-trip cabs where we take full-responsibility of your movement in the entire trip. Every day you will be taken to famous tourist spots and attractions where our driver cum guide will be with you.

Some other options are a local travel company in Kashmir which provides car & bike rental services. Lastly there are self-drive cabs that are quite popular.  It is totally up to you. We would be more than happy to service you in any way possible. 


About The Taxi Drivers 

The drivers that are with you throughout the trip should be chosen with utmost care. Make sure they are locals and they have full knowledge about the roads and the places you visit. They must be able tell you famous anecdotes about every destination in your itinerary and provide you some local insights too. 

The drivers should have a few years of driving experience, especially in the mountainous roads of Kashmir and well informed about the route closure, speed limit at any specific region etc. Language plays a big role in communication. They must be well equipped in speaking English and Hindi.  

The drivers must have with themselves all the necessary documents like ID Proofs and Driving License, provided to them after the driving test. Their nature should be friendly and they are easy to talk to. A comprehensive background check must be done before hiring them. Have the best person at the wheels to ensure security and safety.  


Payments Methods

You can either pay via UPI or cash. But it is highly suggested to carry sufficient amount of cash whilst travelling. In high-altitude remote regions, there are shops that do not accept online payments or you may not be able to, given the poor network.

Postpaid BSNL Sim works in Kashmir. Your phone will be dead as soon as you enter the valley if you do not have a pre-paid sim. Don’t rely on the UPI Payments alone. Also ATMs are quite sparse in Kashmir and sometimes can’t be seen up to a distance of hundred of kms. Cash is the most convenient way to make payments.


Benefits of a Taxi Service in Kashmir

There are ample benefits of booking a taxi in Kashmir. They are very important for a smooth and safe trip. The seating is comfortable in the air-conditioned vehicles. Proper hygiene is followed, keeping the cars clean. We will move according to your planned itinerary at your own pace. You can even drive yourself. You will feel the thrill of driving on the adventurous roads of Kashmir.
Taxis are available 24×7 and also cater to any last-minute plans or any emergencies. From late-night tours to early morning airport transfers, we have every service available. We will be in your touch with you during the whole trip. 


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