PADHARO MHARO DESH, The land of Maharajas is calling you

  • Article is a snapshot of why state of Rajasthan is a must visit and its culture, cuisine, festivals and dance.

Khamma Ghani. Rajasthan, a state full of stories of wars, sacrifices, romance, victories and misfortunes. A state rich in magnificent places, mesmerizing attires and colorful festivals. Famous for its historical past and forts.


The mesmerizing culture and historical past of Rajasthan took us into its grip. It is believed to be the land of Maharajas, as many Maharajas ruled this heaven. The vivid culture, historical past, foods, architecture impress everyone. Rajasthan is famous for its hospitality in all over the world. Rajasthan has oldest seats of India’s culture and tradition. One of the most tourist’s attractive places won the title of ‘The Land of Maharajas’. 


The land where royalty is way of living. It is not just about forts and palaces but also about rich and beautiful culture, foods and jewels. The state has diverse and vivid culture. Let us know about the cultural aspects of Rajasthan.



Rajasthan has a history as old as the history of Indus valley civilization. Archeological evidence shows us about that early people lived on the banks of River Banas. Some of the famous Harappan sites were Kalibangan, Ahar and Gilund.


Also Rajasthan has a vast range of tribal groups. Among these tribes, the Bhils, Minas, Dhanka were the popular one. The tribal areas were captured by the Kushanas and many others before the arrival of the Rajputana clans.


Attithi Devo Bhavo: A Royal welcome in Rajasthan

Attithi Devo Bhavo. The most important principle of Rajasthan, which means to treat guests like you treat God. Welcoming the guests is no less than welcoming the God. Tika and Arti ceremony are the most popular way to welcome guests in Indian culture.


Foods and cuisines of Rajasthan

If you are planning for a trip in Rajasthan there are some must try foods and cuisines. Rajasthani cuisine foods is both spicy and sweet. Some of the famous foods are;


Dal Baati Churma. The state’s classic signature dishes are Gatte ki sabzi, Laal maans, Kheer sangria and Papad ki sabzi.


Some famous sweets of Rajasthan are – Ghevar is knows as typical Rajasthan classic dish. Imarti, Kalakand, Mawa kachori are some of the famous sweets of Rajasthan.


The most famous Rajasthani kachori is delicious to eat. Two types of kachori are; the sweet one is Mawa Kachori and spicy one is Onion or pyaaz ki Kachori. Rajasthani dishes are mostly cooked in ghee. More than 75% Rajsthani are vegetarians.


Traditional Dresses

The state of colourful and vibrant attires. Rajasthani poshak for women are way too beautiful than you think.


Women usually wears Ghagra, Choli and Odhni (dupatta). The heavy embroidered skirt and Odhni that makes the beauty of women even more fascinating. The material is usually cotton and even silk. The Odhni covers their head as a symbol of respect. They follow ‘Pardha pratha'. 



Men wear a dhoti kurta. Dhoti, a long piece of cloth tied around the waist and wrapped around the legs. The kurta is loose-fitted as well as the dhoti.


But the Pagdi (turban) increase the beauty of attire more. The attire is incomplete without pagdi. The pride for Rajsthani men.                                   


Folk music and dance

Rajasthan was ruled by many rulers, so each region has its own folk culture. Two most popular folk dances are Kalbeliya and Ghoomar.


Kalbeliya is a popular dance of Rajasthan performed by the community snake charmers and catchers. It has very catchy tunes. Read more here

Kalbelia, Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

Ghoomar is a traditional and popular folk dance performed on special occasions. Ghoomar get its name from ghoomna (spinning). The graceful gyrating movement which displays their colourful and heavy embroidered dress. It was Bhils tribes who performed it for goddess Saraswati. This dance is performed by veiled women wearing heavy embroidered ghaghara.


Music is imperative part of Rajasthan. Being a home of a lot of tribal communities’ music plays a vital role. Two prominent groups are Manganiyars and Kangas. They perform 'ragas’ for different purposes. The folk music is basically about heroic takes and love stories such as Mumal and Mahendra. The Dholak, Sarangi, Kamayach and many more.



Rajasthani architecture is influenced by the variety of people who ruled the royal state. You get to evidence some Hindu, Islamic architecture. Population of Rajasthan has primarily been Hindu, and also a small number of Jains. The Blue city Jodhpur increase the beauty even more.

Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur.

The forts of Rajasthan, beautifully engraved temples and splashy Havelis are important parts of Rajasthan’s architecture.  

Amber Fort Jaipur.  

Some important artifacts are; Haveli, Chhatri, Town Planning, Stepwell and Jharokha. Rajasthan have the most famous architectures, few of thems are; Ajit Bhavan, Umaid Bhavan, Jaisalmer Fort, Golden Fort and many more. Rajasthan itself has 8  UNESCO sites. In 2019 the Jaipur has been named as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rajasthani architecture is a photographers paradise.

Hawa Mahal Jaipur.


Rajasthani culture is incomplete without it’s joyous and colourful festivals. Some of them are religious, but some show ethnicity, heritage and cultural events. Some main festivals include Camel Festival, Desert Festival, Holi and Teej. 


Teej is one of most popular festival of Rajasthan. Also an important monsoon festival of Rajasthan. This festival is dedicated to goddess Teej. A special delicacy prepared for this festival is ghewar.


Camel Fair is a traditional festival, where thousands of camels gathered for trade. To see pics of Puskar Fair


Mewar Festival is celebrated in spring and in Udaipur. It is the world’s second living heritage festival.


Rajasthani Handicrafts

Handicrafts of Rajasthan is one of the most famous attractions of the state and an accurate reflection of state’s rich and beautiful culture. Rajasthan is famous for it’s

Textile and Fabric which is connected to Rajasthani culture. These includes different forms of block printing and tie and dye methods.  Jodhpur and Sikar are famous for tie and dye techniques. Some beautiful designs are - chunari (dotted), leheriya (diagonal pattern) and mothra (large dots). Bikaner is famous for mirror work.


Puppets or kathputli, with wooden heads and studded bodies are iconic. For males moustache are painted and large expressive eyes for female puppets.

Puppet show.

Jewellery, people are fond of adorning their attire, Rajasthani culture includes jewellery as well. Jaipur is popular for gem cutting and glass stones. Bikaner is famous for kundan work.


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