Tamil Nadu Temples Tour Program

I always wanted to see the magnificent temples of Tamil Nadu. Had planned a trip in 2007 but Ma passed away that year.


Eventually went in January 2016. Things in life happen when the time is right.  It was a 19 day temple tour starting from and ending at Chennai. The trip of my life. For nineteen days it was bliss – loved Tamilian food and eating on banana leaf.


Whilst planning did not know from where to start and which temples to visit. Wrote to my good friend in Chennai, late B R Haranji. He spoke to a friend and scholar Prof B Ramakrishna Gauthaman (Director, Vedic Science Research Center Chennai) who prepared a comprehensive and detailed day-wise program including estimated travel time.


I am eternally grateful to Prof Ramakrishna and B R Haranji. Also express gratitude to driver Velu for driving me on this nineteen day yatra. Always smiling and good driver too. If you like to use his services number is 91 91762 31654. Like to also thank Deepak Bhau for finding Velu.


To see pictures of Tamil Nadu Temple Yatra visit the photo gallery and see sections Temples and Beyond Temples. Here is the link


To see PDF file of program. Hope it helps. In case you need any clarifications do mail me at esamskriti108@gmail.com 


Do visit the temples of Tamil Nadu.



Hari Om

Aum Namah Shivay 

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