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Every day aerotourism becomes more and more widespread, and the aeroplane has become a commonplace for many people. What is this destination, what are its features and what are its varieties? Read on in our article.

What is air tourism

Air tourism is an absolutely new area of tourism that allows anyone to travel as a pilot of an aeroplane or other air transport. Although "anyone" is probably too loud for the word. This type of tourism is probably very expensive, so it can can afford wealthy people with a high level of income.

Aviation tourism is widespread in Europe, Australia and America.

Air tourism destinations

Nowadays, air tourism can be classified into two areas:

1. An extreme holiday.

When a tourist is going to fly an aeroplane or operate a helicopter, paraglider or other flying machine on their own.

2. Charter holidays (not to be confused with charter flights).

The aim of such a holiday is to visit as many tourist attractions as possible in a short period of time. Aircraft are used only as a means of transport, without an extreme angle. The means of transport for aviation may be:

  • aeroplane
  • helicopter;
  • paraglider;
  • balloon.

We will discuss each means of air travel in more detail below.

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Flying at the controls of a plane

The human dream of flying became achievable after  the invention of the aeroplane, and tourism has since been moved to a whole new level. But besides getting on board this flying machine, many also dream of taking the pilot's seat. You don't have to change your at all specialisation to do this. You can have an unforgettable holiday in which, after a special training session, you sit down quietly - and fly.

Light aircraft have always been very popular for aerotourism. Recently, however, there has been a lot of interest in military vehicles. For example, one of the German companies (Alpha Trevel) is providing military equipment. They offer a flight in a World War II legend, a plane called the Junkers. The programme consists of several stages:

  • Pilot training on real professional simulators.
  • Flying lightweight type of aircraft.  
  • Flying at the controls of a military vehicle.  

Especially interesting is the fact that there are only five of these aircraft around the world that are still in good condition after the events of a long time ago. So it's no coincidence that anyone wants to fly in a Junkers military aircraft.

Helicopter flights

As for this mode of transport, helicopter flights are often cheaper than aeroplane flights. In post-Soviet countries you will be offered to fly in such helicopter models:

  • R-44;
  • AS-355; 
  • dual-engine: BO, MI and AS. 

The MI-8 helicopter can  accommodate up to 22 people, but in this case the flight visibility will be minimal. So if you use the helicopter solely as a means of transport, this option is quite suitable, because it is also the most cost-effective. But if you are going on a helicopter tour, choose a helicopter with a capacity of 3 to 5 people.Such excursion will cost 3 times more expensive, but you will get much more emotions from it.


This kind of holiday is best suited for lovers of the outdoors and romance. It's the kind of adventure that allows you to feel yourself in free flight, feel the adrenaline, and soar high above the ground.

Any time of year is good for this flight. The only limitations may be strong winds (over 8m/s) or rain. Most flights are done with an instructor, but if you feel experienced and confident in the air, you can take permission for a solo flight. To do this, you need to take a special course in theory and practical training. Nothing complicated - but then the pleasure of paragliding is much greater.

"On a big balloon..."

Such flights are simply unforgettable, as they resemble a journey through the clouds. There are the following rules for such tourism:

  • wind not exceeding 3m/s, no thunderstorms and no precipitation;
  • in summer, one can fly only 203 hours before sunset or the first 2-3 hours after sunrise; 
  • in winter, fly when it is light outside and the air temperature is at least 13ºC;
  • the balloon baskets usually accomodates 2-4 people;
  • there is no weight limit.

Such flights are safe and beautiful.

A pleasant bonus of aviation tourism is the opportunity to jump with a parachute from an aeroplane or any vehicle. In this way you can add new and unforgettable emotions to your holiday!

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