Seven interesting facts about Rajasthan

Amber Fort near Jaipur.


You may not know much about this state – after all, India is a vast country, and many places within it gain more recognition on a daily basis. However, that does not take away the fact that Rajasthan is one of the places in the country you should put on your bucket list, and that is for many reasons.


The state is among the oldest in India, and many of its current structures have a touch of the old times. It dates back to the pre-historic period, around the years of 3000 to 1000 BC – as it had a culture that bore similarities to the civilization in the Indus Valley. Here are some other interesting facts you should note about it (including the sarees that come from this region of India):


It is the largest Indian state


Considering how large the country itself is, it is not surprising to find out that some states are equal to entire countries in their land mass. Rajasthan happens to be the largest state in the country, roughly 342,239 square kms. Its area comprises of 22 former kingdoms that were merged in a single state from 1949.


It contains a section of the Thar Desert


In case you did not know, India has a desert within it – and this is known as the Thar region. It mainly lies in some of the Rajasthan states in the country and extends into the Gujarat region, while even extending into Pakistan and the eastern Sindh province.


For tourists, this is good news if you are looking to experience some adventures in the desert, especially the must-see camel rides that promise to give you stunning views. The best time to visit this area is from October to March.


The Kota saree is famous throughout the country


This saree type is actually among the most famous types, and you can even get it in online stores such as Style Caret. Originating from the city of Kota as well as Muhammadabad Gohna in the Uttar Pradesh region, these are usually made from silk or cotton and are known for their lightweight nature. It is also easy to identify them thanks to their khats (patterns that look like squares).


They were originally known as Masuria, since their weaving process was done in the city of Mysore, but the weavers were transferred to Kota in the 17th and 18th Centuries, thanks to a General in the Mughal Army called Rao Kishore Singh, and they became known as Kota-Masuria.

Their yarn is also very strong – it does not even require additional touches to the finishing, unlike other sarees. This is because during the making, the weavers smear rice paste and onion juice into the yarn (with a lot of care), making it long lasting.


Outside the region of Rajasthan, Kota silk sarees are known as Kotadoria, as ‘doria’ means ‘thread’.


Jewels are in plenty


Indians are known for their jewellery, and it is a sight to behold – especially in traditional occasions such as weddings. What you might not know is that Rajasthan is the source for many of the precious jewels used in these items, as well as being the main hub when it comes to gen cutting. Ranging from amethyst to ruby and topaz, you are spoilt for choice when you decide to shop for these stones while you are there.


This is not limited to the usual rings, bracelets or necklaces, though. You can also find cuffs, headgears, anklets and so on.




Rajasthan is a state that was full of creatives and painters in its past, and its history also points to this. Miniature paintings from India tend to originate from Rajasthan, and they are also known as Mughal paintings. They portray the life of the royals as well as the romantic life of the everyday person, and they are related to the Rajputana paintings found in the state as well.


In addition, you can also find the Pichwai and Phad paintings, which as usually crafted on a rectangular cloth. These portray the local stories of two folk heroes from the region, Devnarayan and Pabuji.


All in all, the state is a massive treat if you happen to be a massive fan of historical paintings – you will always find something you love.




If you want to find carpets for your home aside from the Persian rugs, then Rajasthan is the place for you. In fact, the state happens to be the prime manufacturer of these items, so it is the only place in India where you can get an extensive range of rugs and carpets. You will find everything from the finest of wool fibers to other patterns such as shikar and charkona, all in stunning colours.


Certain cities and towns are known for their craftsmanship in this area. For instance, Ajmer and Bikaner is where you will get magnificent carpets, Jaipur is famous for its silk and wool rugs, while Barmer, Tonk, Manaharpura and Chaksu have a wide range of premium carpets.


The state is known as the ‘king of spices’


Yes, you definitely know or have an idea that Indians love to spice things up in their foods, as long as you have interacted with Indians before or seen their food preparation. However, did you know that Rajasthan is considered as the ‘king of spices’ in the country?


The state boasts the finest collection of spices in the country, and the essence is relish and pure. You will find Fenugreek seeds (Methi Dana), cumin seeds (Jeera), black caraway (Kalonji), turmeric (haldi), cloves (laung), carom seeds (ajwain), coriander seeds (dhaniya), fennel seeds (saunf), and so many more – all considered as addition, you can also find a wide range of pickles, papads, as well as chutneys that you should try.


Final thoughts


Rajasthan is a state you should put on your bucket list. From buying the amazing sarees and different fabrics from the weavers in the area to trying the local cuisine and tourist sites, it has something to offer for everyone – mainly because of how vast it is.


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