A Nandi and Trishul now adorn ADIYOGI, Bengaluru

  • By Priyanka Dalal
  • March 19, 2024
  • Know about the consecration of Nandi at Sadhguru Sannidhi Bengaluru.

Sadhguru Sannidhi Bangalore, Sadhguru’s new center with the 112 ft Adiyogi statue outside of Bangalore is located very close to the popular Nandi hills. True to its name, there are two Nandeeswarar temples, one at the base of the hill and another at its top.


While volunteering at Sannidhi, I had time to explore this region. I noticed there were many large Nandi statues seen commonly in the temples. Mysore’s Chamundi hills Nandi, Nanjangud temple with a huge Nandi greeting us at the entrance and Bull temple of Bangalore are a few well-known ones. Not to mention that only two hours from the Sannidhi is Lepakshi with one of the largest monolithic Nandi in the world. 

Nandi at Lepakshi Temple is 6 meter in height and 10 meter in length. 

Sadhguru says, “In this part of the country, Nandi, who is generally known as Basava in Karnataka, holds a prominent place in the spiritual culture.” (source)


Maybe this was the reason that a lot of visitors at the Sannidhi asked us volunteers about Nandi. “When there is Shiva, where is the Nandi?” they would ask. 


I was a little surprised because firstly I never thought of that. Secondly, at the Coimbatore Isha Center, the Nandi is placed outside Dhyanalingam temple and not near Adiyogi. So, I didn’t know whether we planned to have a Nandi here. But very soon, I was happy to hear about the plan to have a 21-foot-tall Nandi here in front of Adiyogi. 

Earlier this year, on the auspicious Makar Sankranti day (15th January), Sadhguru consecrated this large Nandi statue right in front of the Adiyogi and also, a 54-feet Trishula (called Mahashula).

Sadhguru says, “This consecration has been a very intense process that has been on for the last forty days. It turned out very well. We have empowered Nandi and Mahashula with consecrated lingas in the two horns of Nandi and the central part of Mahashula.


It was very exciting to have these additions to the center. I felt the space become a lot friendlier and cheerful with them. Moreover, with these abharanams (adornments), this Bangalore Adiyogi is now unique from its Coimbatore counterpart.


The devotees are also having a good time clicking pictures with Adiyogi, Nandi and Mahashula. Mahashula has been kept next to the Nandi for now, it’s installation will be happening soon. 

Every amavasya, devotees can offer oil to the Nandi. No registration is needed for this, it is open to all.


Volunteer opportunities are available at this center, contact here to know more.


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