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Temple Gopuram which is TN govt`s official emblem.
  • Experiences of our visit to Srivilliputhur Temple (near Madurai, Tamil Nadu), one of the 108 Divya Desam (temples of Lord Vishnu).

To get the opportunity to visit Andal's home Srivilliputhur during the month of Margazhi is something else !! And to get her Malai Prasadam and Andal's special "Kili" (parrot) is a blessing many of us keep waiting for. It all happened to us courtesy Krishna Veni on Dec 19, 2022. 

After visiting Nindra Narayana Perumal Kovil – Divya Desam #45 at Thiruthangal, we met with Krishna Veni at the Malli cross road. Went to Andal's house and got the darshan of the Tulsi plant under which Andal was found by Periyalvar. Read about Vishnucittan Kodhai aka Andal

Kothai Nachiyar aka Andal's home

Nandanavana as Andal's house is referred to, is a part of the entire temple complex. From here we received the blessings and darshan of Thiru Vatapatrasayi - Mahavishnu in the reclining form (Ranganathar) with the Banyan leaf (Vatapatram) over his head. His feet are resting on Sri Devi and Bhu Devi. Maharishi Bhrigu and Chiranjeevi Markandeya are standing in attendance. 

After Rangamannar's darshan we got the blessings from Chakrathalvar - Mahavishnu's weapon of choice, Sudarshana Chakra is prayed to as well. There is a separate Sannidhi for Chakrathalvar within the Andal Kovil complex. The special thing here is when you do the "pradakshina" of the Chakrathalvar, on the back you find Mahavishnu in his Narasimha Avatar. You can see the Vigraham only through the peep hole. Do get his blessings as well. 

The famed Srivilliputhur Gopuram - which is TN govt's official emblem

Finally we took the blessings of Andal and then the surprise that Krishna Veni had planned for us - the Malai Prasadam plus Kili (Parrot).

We then got the darshan of Andal in her "mirror palace" or as we say it "Kannadi sevai". It's a treat to the soul, not just the eyes. Krishna Veni then took us to the book shop at the entrance of the temple where we purchased the "sthala puranam" book and I also bought a small murti of Andal.

A feeling of total calm envelops you inside the Andal Kovil....

The Cholas, Pandyas and Vijayanagara empires have all contributed to the temple complex. Another thing we realised as we toured different temples in Nov and Dec - all the Indian Hindu empires and Kingdoms have fought several wars amongst themselves but they have never destroyed temples or places of learning. That's what is the unique about Hinduism.

Horses in area close to sanctum is typical Vijaynagar style. 

Temples were never looted. Art was preserved. Education and learning centres were left undisturbed. Bloody and fierce battles were fought - Kings and Emperors won and lost, were crowned or beheaded, but the culture and temples of the conquered land flourished. 

After getting Andal's blessings we went straight to Hotel Kathiravan, to have our lunch. If you find yourself in Srivilliputhur, please ensure that you eat at this place. It's crowded and unassuming, but the food is outstanding. If someone like me who complains about rice being served during lunch, didn't utter a word and polished off two rounds of the tasty "vatha kozhambu", it should tell you how good the food was. 

We also bought the famous Srivilliputhur Paalgova - Khoya for the non-Tamilians and sweetened milk solids for the non-Indians. :) Krishna Veni insisted that we should buy from the Puliyamarathadi Paal Gova shop and am glad she did. It's the oldest shop in the area. They have been selling Paalgova since 1963. And yes, it tastes divine. The owner told us not to keep it for long and never to put it in the fridge. 

I just realised temple even have a website - Srivilliputhur PuliyamarathadiTo see album of temple 

And to plug for digital India - I paid everywhere using GPay.

We took a short break and then went and visited three of Krishna Veni's tuition centres. A very humbling experience for us. At the tuition centre in Malli, her village, a little girl called Ramana, gifted us a star made of straws. She has made the straws herself by rolling paper and sticking them with glue. 

Ramana with the star that she gifted us-she has made it herself with straws which again have been rolled by her.

We got back to the hotel and I promptly used the star to place the three Andal parrots. 

Things to Note - During the month of Margazhi, the Kothai Nachiyar (Andal) Kovil is open throughout the day. You need to inform well in advance if you want the "Kili" and there are online classes where you can learn to make them yourself. 

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