The Idea of India-Bharat as a Civilisation

The Idea of India is a condensation of new research that provides an authentic picture of what India meant to its own people and those living in West Asia, Europe, and East Asia.

The evidence provided in the book also touches upon India’s contributions to world science and its influence on its neighbors. 

It also has translations of nine popular Rgvedic hymns as well as an essay on Yoga.

“The book will not only transform your idea of India but also that of human history and our higher potentials for the future world.” David Frawley, Acharya, Author and Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies.

 “The book is a must read for every student of Indian culture, science and history.” Aravindan Neelakandan, Author, Contributing Editor, ‘Swarajya’ 

“…covers India’s civilisational heritage from many perspectives across time…space… and subjects.” Amish Tripathi Author and Director, Nehru Centre, London

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