About Ganesh Bagh Temple, Karwi, Uttar Pradesh

  • By Dr Sampadananda Mishra
  • July 13, 2023
  • @sampadananda
  • Pictures of Ganesh Bagh Temple, Karwi made by Maratha ruler Binayak Rao.

In part one, I wrote about a sacred journey to meet Pandit Ramashraya Tripathi Ji, a present-day disciple in the lineage of Goswami Tulsi Das.


Today I had the opportunity to visit the Ganesh Bagh Temple in Karwi, and I am left in awe of the architectural genius displayed by our ancestors. This magnificent temple, built in the nineteenth century by Maratha ruler Binayak Rao, is a testament to the rich heritage and craftsmanship of India.

Stepwell adjacent to temple. 

Adjacent to the temple, there is a reservoir and a baoli (stepwell) that added to the architectural grandeur of the site. The baoli, with its elaborate steps and intricate carvings, showcases the ingenuity and engineering prowess of our forefathers.

Our group.  



Note design on this and earlier pic. Inside Ganesh Bagh Mandir.


If you ever find yourself in Karwi, do visit this Temple, immerse yourself in its beauty and appreciate the brilliance of our forefathers.


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