Why do we in Indian Culture

  • By Vedanta Kesari
  • April 2015

This article appeared in the December 2012 Special Issue of the Vedanta Kesari titled ‘Indian Culture – Its Ageless Charm and Timesless Appeal.

This article gives you a deeper meaning of various imprints of Indian Culture for eg Namaste, Lighting a Lamp, Prasada, Bhajan, India’s Folk Dance and Music, Indian Classical Music, Aarti – the Act of Waving of Lights, Chanting of Mantras, Sacred Body Marks, Aryabhata, the Great Indian Mathematician, India’s Traditional Clothing, Shilpa Shastra, Ayurveda – ‘the Science of Life’ and the Tradition of Indian Culinary.

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Some of the others articles in issue are Meaning of Samskriti or Culture, Is Indian Culture Spiritual, The Sound of Yoga, Sat Chit Ananda – the Philosophy of the Upanishads, Why be Proud of Being an India, Do not disrespect food, The Wonders of Indian Culture and Imprints of a Living Culture.

To download the full issue titled ‘Indian Culture – Its Ageless Charm and Timesless Appeal’ http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/Indian-Culture-~-Its-Ageless-Charm-and-Timeless-Appeal-1.aspx

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