• By Swami Sivananda
  • July 28 2019

Every book by Swamiji is divine and useful this one is no different.

“In this little volume, Sri Swami Sivanandaji, in his usual supra-poetic style, gives short descriptions of the prominent temples in India. They are in the first part of the book. Obviously, they are not merely an informative list of the various temples in India, but they are actually a garland of elevating hymns to the different deities, representing the Almighty Lord.

In the second part of the book, brief descriptions of the prominent places of pilgrimage in India, their location and the important spiritual legends that are connected with them, are given. They will be indeed a valuable guide to those who are interested in pilgrimage.”

Part one are Hyms for each temple under these categories namely Lord Vishnu Temples, Lord Shiva Temples, Lord Subramnia Temples, Devi Temples, Buddhist and Jain Temples.

Part two has a brief description about each place of pilgrimage, found it very useful.

To read book in PDF format please click on PDF to download book.

Book is ‘Courtesy and Copyright, The Divine Life Society, P.O. Sivanandanagar – District Tehri-Garwhal, Uttarakhand, Himalayas, India’.

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