Contribution of Brahmins to Indian Society and Culture

  • This article outlines the contribution of Brahmins to Indian society and thought.

Brahmins are forever being criticised for India’s many ills. I grew up and even today wondered whether the community was indeed so bad. Was fortunate to come across this article by respected Dr Kapoor where has given the numerous contributions of the Brahmin community. Surely, no community is perfect but to criticise a community 24 by 7 is not appropriate either. No human being is perfect, the challenge and joy is in continously striving to do better. 


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“The Brahmins gave India its sacred literature which has stood the test of time and has attracted even foreign scholars.” 


“All the eleven disciples (ganadhara) of Lord Mahavira were Brahmins. Kashyapa, the most erudite among the disciples of Buddha, credited with founding the Dhyana School (better known as Zen) was also a Brahmin.”


“Among the immortal works of Brahmins which have won recognition the world over are, refer file. The Brahmin contribution to science, mathematics, astronomy and music needs special mention. Brahmagupta anticipated Newton’s discovery of the Law of Gravitation. His work, the Brahmasphuta Siddhanta, is said to have influenced Arabian astronomy.”


“The Brahmins have been the torch-bearers of spiritual wisdom and the progenitors of social reform. The holy Guru Granth Sahib includes the hymns of 23 Brahmins. Banda Bahadur who valiantly resisted, even reversed the Muslim onslaught on Hinduism for some time, hailed from the Bharadwaja Gotra of Brahmins.”


“The contribution of Brahmins to the Indian renaissance of the 19th century was remarkable. During the 19th and 20th centuries many Brahmins defying the orthodox taboo, went abroad as students, or cultural ambassadors. The role of Brahmin women in India’s struggle for freedom is equally remarkable.”


“The role of Brahmin women in India’s struggle for freedom is equally remarkable.”


Inspite of numerous contributions, why are Brahmins criticized would require a separate article.


Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai 400 007 kindly gave its consent for esamskriti to publish this article that was first published in the Bhavan’s Journal, February 15, 2012 issue. This article cannot be republished in whole or part, without their approval. 

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Noted author, historian and spiritualist, Dr Satish K Kapoor was formerly British Council Scholar, Principal, Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar and Registrar, DAV University. An associate subject editor of 11-volume, Encyclopedia of Hinduism, he has written seven books and more than five hundred articles. His latest book is Hinduism: The Faith Eternal, published by Advaita Ashrama, Kolkata. He has participated in more than 200 programs on Radio and TV, and penned features and documentaries.

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