• This beautiful set contains a Krishna Consciousness book with a deck of 44 cards. The guidance cards depict the life of Krishna through brilliant hand-painted illustrations each with a message derived from his leelas narrated in the book. If we look deep within and meditate on the card we are guided towards a solution to our life problems. Use this set to find answers or for daily affirmation messages.

What is in these cards?

As per my devotion, faith, and blessings from Lord Krishna, I have divided the life of Krishna into three phases. Each phase contains a set of cards with hand-painted illustrations, portraying one of his stories/staged leelas with a message for us. If we look deep within and meditate on the card we can find a solution to our life problems.

Close your eyes, shuffle the cards, ask your question and pick one card, the one which you feel more drawn towards or you can pick three cards depicting the past, present and future of your problem(s). You may initiate the reading by chanting the mantra below.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

These cards would help and serve as a guide in difficult times and also during happy days. May Krishna shower his blessings and divine guidance on each and every life.

The total number of cards is 44, divided into three phases that depict His life journey at Gokul, Mathura, and Dwarka.

To read the same matter with book cover and sample cards click on PDF. If not read on.

Extract from book:

“One dark starry night Bhu Devi—the goddess of the lands, took the form of a cow and went to Lord Vishnu. She prayed to him to bring the Earth back into balance as it was being weighted down by the presence of innumerable Asuras and Demons. They not only plundered and killed the innocent but were a great threat to the holy and religious ones. The all-knowing Vishnu smiled and agreed to be born on Earth and to bring an end to the sufferings of all the life forms there.

So as scheduled, on one auspicious day, the supreme one took birth on Earth as the son of Devaki and Vasudeva in the cold and darkness of the cellar.

His parents were kept there as the step-brother of his mother Kansa was terrorized after he heard the akashvani while he was on his way to drop his newly-wed affectionate sister and her husband to their palace: “The eighth son of this sister of yours will kill you.” Kansa was angered after hearing this and took out his sword to kill his sister Devaki but when her husband pleaded with him, saying he would offer his children to him, they were spared.

Kansa chained them and threw them in jail. When his father opposed him, he imprisoned him. He declared himself the king of Mathura and after that began the worst time in the history of Mathura. The people were unsafe as was their wealth and daughters; it was a rule of anarchy where Kansa ruled unopposed.

People prayed in silence to the Gods and lived a hellish life. Meanwhile Kansa managed to kill six children of his sister. But the seventh one was transferred to the womb of Rohini, first wife of Vasudeva.

When Krishna came to life, the handcuffs and chains of his parents were broken on their own, the guards slept and the night roared with heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. The royal parents saw their baby boy, glittering with precious jewellery and draped in the finest silk, a sweet smile on his face which shone like thousand moons. Afraid for the safety of their baby, the parents prayed to Vishnu for help.

Suddenly the cellar was filled with a bright golden light, brighter than the luminance of the newly born— and there stood Lord Vishnu himself. 

He explained the reason for his taking birth as a mortal and told them to take their baby to Nand and Yashoda in Gokul. Miraculously, things happened one after the other and soon Krishna was growing in the lap of his mother Yashoda, who always nurtured him with love and care. Here in Gokul Krishna showed many of his leelas and was revered as God. He with his brother Balarama played like ordinary boys but slayed the asuras with extraordinary power.

Krishna was loved by one and all. Soon Kansa came to know about him and as destined called Krishna and his brother for a fight. He was killed in the arena by Krishna and thus with this the plight of the people of Mathura came to an end.

Krishna took part in the great war of Mahabharata. Krishna became Arjuna’s chariot driver and spoke the Bhagavad-Gita to Arjuna when the armies drew up to begin fighting. This holy book is in the every breath of Krishna’s followers. The Bhagavad-Gita is a highly philosophical book and states that the true purpose of life is to surrender to Lord Krishna through the practice of bhakti yoga, or devotional service. 

Devotional service involves the nine processes of hearing, chanting, remembering, worshipping, and serving the lotus feet of the Lord, offering prayers, carrying out the orders of the Lord, making friends with Him, and surrendering everything to Him. Engaging in any or all of these processes will surely make our lives perfect and will help to generate good karmas, which are essential in this as well as other lives. We pay for our deeds, good and bad.

The Lord killed the evil Kansa, and his wives who were sisters went crying to their father’s home. Enraged, Kansa’s father-in law, Jarasandha (king of Magadh) together with his friend Kalayavana, repeatedly attacked Mathura 17 times. For the safety of the people, Krishna decided to move the capital from Mathura to Dwarka.

Sri Krishna left Mathura and arrived at the coast of Saurashtra. He and Balarama with the consent of others decided to build their capital in the coastal region there and invoked Visvakarma, the deity of construction. Visvakarma bowed to the Lord and said that the task could be completed only if Samudradeva, the lord of the sea, provided some land. Sri Krishna worshipped Samudradeva, who was pleased and gave them land measuring 12 yojanas and thereafter Visvakarma built a fabulous city called Dwarka, a city in gold.

Dwarka was a beautiful city with clear blue sea around it and lush green coasts. The vegetation was a reflection of heaven, and the fruits and vegetables grew large and lush. The cattle made them dairy rich, with ghee, butter, and milk in abundance.

People loved and followed their leader. Alcohol was banned and the Yadavs enjoyed their simple life at the holy feet of God. Soon the time for the fructification of Gandhari’s curse came. The Yadavs became arrogant and conceited due to their fortune. Slowly they became addicted to wine and sensual pleasures. They boasted of their good fortune, quarrelled about small issues and fought with each other. Krishna, who was all-knowing, knew that his leela was playing out well. Krishna worshipped and meditated on Shiva so that he would be blessed with a son like him, as Shiva, in the trinity of the three Gods, was the destroyer.

Soon he and one of his ashta-bharya, Jambavati were blessed with a son Samba. Samba played an instrumental role in bringing an end to this dynasty and soon Krishna left this earth and with him his celestial city was engulfed in the cool, blue waters forever, till it was discovered recently and was named Bhaint Dwarka.

Whatever time Krishna spent on this earth blesses our lives and if we look closely each incident of Krishna’s life is a teaching. Blessed are those souls who got an opportunity to spend time with him and equally blessed are the ones who knew him through his stories.

These cards are just a small attempt to gain an insight into his life and learn valuable lessons from it. May Krishna shower his love, wisdom and devotion on all of us.

Knowing about Krishna and being aware of him and his teachings is known as the Krishna Consciousness.”

Ashita Saxena is a Healer, Counsellor, Tarot Reader, Writer and a certified Paranormal Investigator with expertise in Reiki, Aura Reading, Chakra Cleansing and many other alternate therapies and occult sciences. Her id is above and site is

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