• Article is an introduction to Kalarippayattu and covers Different stages of Kalarippayattu too with videos at the end. It also tells about Ekalavya Kalari, the organization that teaches this form of martial art, onsite and online.

Kalarippayattu is an Ancient martial art of India. Kalarippayattu is a traditional martial art form i.e. considered to be the most ancient one in the world and the mother of all martial arts.

The word Kalaripayattu has two root words - `Kalari' means traditional school, comes from the Sanskrit word Khaloorika and Payattu means fight. Scholars believed that this martial art was practiced during Vedic age in India (BCE 3000).  

The Buddhist saint Bodhidarma spread this martial art to China. Later it transformed into different martial arts. At present this martial art is popular in Kerala, a state in the south India.  

There are two major styles in kalarippayattu - Northern and Southern. The northern style was implemented by Lord Parasurama and the southern by Saint Agastya.   It was customary for people to send their children to a kalari when they are about seven: but any able-bodied person, irrespective of his age, can learn kalaripayattu, and attain considerable proficiency and expertise.

There are four stages in kalarippayattu namely Meythari, Kolthari, Angathari and Verumkai.  There is traditional treatment system in kalarippayattu which is used to heal injuries that happen during the kalari practice session.  Kalari hand and foot massage is also very famous for creating a flexible and healthy body.

Different stages of Kalarippayattu 


In these stage kalari disciples practice basic exercise. Meyppayattu, meyppayattu is a type of exercise to create body balancing and flexibility and is also known as the skeleton of kalarippayattu. Regular practice of meyppayattu creates a balanced and powerful body and prepares the body for the next three levels.


In this stage student will learn to handle different types of wooden weapons as below-

Vadiveesal (stick rotation), Kettukari ppayattu (long stick fight) and Cheruvadippayattu (short stick fight), Ottappayattu (a curved wooden weapon) and Gadhappayattu (mace fight).


Angathari is another stage where the students handle metal weapons. The most famous metal weapons used in kalarippayattu are Kathi (knife), Kadara (dagger), Val (sword), Paricha (shield), Kuntham (spear) and Urumi ( flexible sword).


Verumkai is the last stage of kalarippayattu. In this stage students learn the Verum kai payattu (bare hand fights), Marmas (pressure points) and Kalari chikithsa (kalari treatment).

After this stage if the Gurukul (master) of kalari allows once can start his own kalari (kalarippayattu training centre).

About Us

Ekalavya kalari is a kalarippayattu training institution founded by Gurukkal Balachandra Menon and handed over to Sumesh Subramanian. This kalari is affiliated to kerala kalarippayattu association (reg No:N/663/2015) Kerala Sports Council, TVM. In this institution we teach southern style and northern Styles of Kalarippayattu.

Our Kalarippayattu class

Our classes are scheduled in every Saturday and Sunday. We have a traditional kalari building with thatched roof and committed students who strictly follow the rules and regulations of kalarippayattu. Starting age for learning kalari is seven. Age is not a barrier for a person who has dedicated mind and healthy body.

We follow the traditional way of teaching. Before starting kalarippayattu one should apply Gingelly oil on their body and wear the Kachha (a traditional dress of kalarippayattu).  We also do Kalari marma Chikitsa (kalari treatment) and kalari Uzhichal.

Kalari performing team

We have a very good kalarippayattu team for the performances. Our team Performed in various places in India. We show all weapons on the stage. We do this performances for a reasonable charge. We also conduct the kalarippayattu workshops in various places.

How to Contact us  

Gurukkal Sumesh Subramanian

Ekalavya Kalari (Affiliated to kerala kalarippayattu Association reg: N/663/2014)

Kuthirappara, Kunissery post

Palakkad, Kerala

Email: ekalavyakalari@gmail.com

Phone: 9495248855

Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/ekalavyakalari/

See Videos 

To see U Tube video Students learning including display of Weapons. 2 minutes

To see FB video of Mace Fight 10 seconds.

We also teach Online.

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